OOTD: When grandma meets edge

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Today's look is pretty chill and laid back. I got this cardigan a month or two ago and each time I wear it, I would get compliments.

I've been eyeing a similar cardigan for almost a year. The one I first wanted was sold by Nasty Gal, but it was just too pricey for me so I didn't get. It was definitely on my wishlist. So when I went to Forever21 one day, I saw that there was a deal for a cardigan similar to the one I want and pretty much snatched it off the rack. I love it!

But my mom begs to differ. She called it a "grandma sweater" when she saw it HAHA. She thinks everything I like is "grandma-ish" so eh I don't care.

I love the details with the studded shoulders and the double-sided knit. When I roll up the sleeves the pattern is the reverse of what is on the right side. I love how it's oversized and whenever I throw it on, it just gives me an effortless, edgy yet comfy look. I usually pair it with something neutral and fitted and roll up the sleeves so the oversized cardigan don't swallow me since I'm pretty petite.

Just thought I'll show you the necklace I wore with my outfit. I decided to wear a gold necklace even though the studs on the shoulders were not because my overall outfit was a "warm" tone if that makes sense.

So yeah! Hope you liked this post!

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5 comments on "OOTD: When grandma meets edge"
  1. i really like it :) looks good with your blonde hair too!

  2. "Is that your grandma's coat?"
    -Thrift Shop, Macklemore

    Haha that was the first thing I thought of when I saw the title.
    Anyway, the cardigan looks super cool :)

  3. I love this cardigan! I love leopard print and studs, so this is the perfect combination for me ;)


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