My phone's lockscreen

Sunday, December 15, 2013
Hey guys!
Today I'm going to show you my lockscreen. I had this since the beginning of the month and each time when I see it, I just can't help but smile. It makes me feel really happy for some reason haha. 

It's Christmas-themed!
You unlock it but pulling either the holly, gingerbread man, or candle down

Then, you enter your pattern. I love how it turns to a christmas tree or candle!

I downloaded this from this app called "Phone theme shop" and from there you can browse through and pick the theme you want.

You can change your icons, too like the ones I had here.

I believe this app is only for andriod phones so if you have one and want to revamp your normal, boring icons, I definitely recommend this app! It is mostly Korean, but I think it's manageable to understand.

Hope you guys like this quick peek of my phone!
I will start posting a bit more interesting things later on this week. I have final presentations Monday and Tuesday so I really don't have to time to take good photos and such. 
Hope you guys will understand.

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