"Gift wrapping is art!"

Tuesday, December 24, 2013
Just a snippet of my day yesterday.
It was gift-wrapping day! 

(Please excuse the messy room)

(I am wearing shorts.)

Bf laughed at me when I was wrapping the top.
I was like,
"Gift wrapping is art! I think it looks good."

So he tried wrapping the next present like art and look at what happened.
I was like,
"Did you just wrapped up a chicken??"
Bf burst out laughing LOL.

We ran out of wrapping paper so this will have to do...

This was all the presents we wrapped up yesterday since there was a shortage in wrapping paper. 
I actually wrapped the rest today. 
Can't wait to give it out!

Have you guys finished wrapping up all the presents yet?

P.S. I still think the "chicken" present is funny HAHA. (The present is not chicken. It's a baseball mit.)

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2 comments on ""Gift wrapping is art!""
  1. Haha "did you wrapped up a chicken" :P how funny!
    Merry Christmas Sandy ^__^ Xx


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