Celebratory food

Tuesday, December 17, 2013
Another lifestyle post today. I promise I will get back to blogging about beauty and fashion by the end of the week! It's just I haven't really done anything interesting lately beside school stuff so here are just snippets of my day.

I have been craving some beef balls for so long! My craving is finally satisfied.

Bf took this and I kinda liked it so here it is!~

I was going to by the flat shrimp chips that I usually get, but it seems like the place I go to buy them don't sell them anymore so I thought I'll try this one out.

It's so good! It has this sweet and salty flavor that I don't really know how to explain. It taste very... "Asian". 

So yeah. Sorry again for the short post. I have been making a list of more interesting posts that hopefully, you guys would like. 

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5 comments on "Celebratory food"
  1. Ohlala, yummy yummy foodstuffs! *o* (Omg, shrimp chips. I likey.)

  2. May I join you? It looks very delicious! : )

  3. Dumb question, what is in beef balls? kekeke..they look like candy LOL.

    1. they're like meatballs, but beef balls are just an asian version of it. :)


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