♥ Black Friday Haul ♥

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Today I will finally do my Black Friday Haul. I know it's a bit late to haul about it now, but I finally managed to get decent lighting to take pictures, have time, and found all of the items I got. I was going to make a video, but I still don't know how to focus my camera properly so this is as good as it gets aha!

The first place we went to was Dick's. 
My cousin wanted to go there first so we did.

Nike's shoes
I have been planning on getting a good pair of gym shoes for a couple of years now and bf finally got me a pair! Now I have even more motivation to go to the gym and get fit. We got $15 off because we got a coupon.

 Cabin Socks

Here is another thing that I've been planning to get ever since my Textiles class. These socks were BOGO free! They are so warm and fuzzy!

Next stop was Pacsun. It was opened the same time Dick's was. 
There wasn't really anything I wanted. Bf bought his little sister something and needed a second item since there was the deal of BOGO 50% off so he got me these.

Kitty Boot Slippers
I have been wearing them since I got them at home and I love them! They are cute and keep my feet so warm.

Urban Outfitters
My cousin and I waited out there in line for almost 3 hours. It was so cold!
There were so many people in line. This was the only place that we went to that was really crowded, but everyone was actually pretty nice. If they accidentally bumped into you, they would apologize and when they need to get somewhere, they would say "excuse me".
Anyway, there wasn't really any good deals in my opinion. Their price point is usually way out of my level. I was going to go out empty-handed, but I thought it would be a waste that I waited so long to get in, but I didn't get anything. Plus, there was a line of people still trying to get in so I had to get something. (Don't get me wrong, I like a lot of their stuff; I just don't like their prices haha).

Kimchi Floral Dress

I don't know what's with me and dark florals, but I always gravitate to them. I think this will be cute paired with a cardigan or a sweater on top.

NYX Eyebrow Kit
I picked this up while I was waiting in the hour line. I mostly got it because of the wax because I wanted something that would hold my brow hairs in place. I got in in the blonde shade even though in the picture it looks pretty dark. 

Forever 21
By the time we went, the rush was over. There were still a bunch of good deals though so my cousins and I just shopped at our own leisure. One of the first items I picked up were beanies!


I love this red beanie! It's not too bright nor dark like burgundy; it's like blood red.

 I was so happy that they have this cobalt blue one in stock again. I was really regretting not getting it the first time I saw it because it went out of stock for a while.
I love both of the beanies I got because I feel like they will compliment my hair color.

Oversized Waffle-knit Sweater

Absolutely love this sweater! It's so comfty to wear and so so warm! I want one in every color now. It was pretty inexpensive, too!

Quilt Motor Jacket

I have been eyeing both a quilted jacket and a motor jacket for a while now, and when I saw this I just had to get it! It was the perfect combo of both! It even has studs which makes it even better! It also looks quite luxurious in my opinion, too.

Black and White Checkered Button Up

I thought this would be a great layering piece and it's a classic piece that will probably never go out of style.

Muscle Tank

I don't know why, but I have been wanting a muscle tee and most of the ones I find are way overpriced or it has band names that I don't know. I was happy to find this one because I want to layer this under a flannel, and I feel like anything I wear with this will instantly grunge it up a bit so it won't be too girly.

I also bought another tee, but I forgot to take a picture of it. I'll edit this post with a picture of it next time. 

That's it!
I hope you guys liked this post!

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5 comments on "♥ Black Friday Haul ♥"
  1. Nice haul. The quilted motor jacket and the sweater look really nice.

    Ahh should have shopped at Urban Outfitters last week! They had a 50% off all sale items deal!

    1. i feel like they always have that deal especially now where they are trying to get rid of inventory lol.

  2. Oh my goodness it must be so fun taking those sock pics! lol!! I need to try that sometime... and hey! i have the same exact nyx eyebrow powder thing! I love it, I use the darker shade on the angle outer part of my eye brow and the lighter shade in my inner eyebrow.. it's perfect. Just becareful with the lid because mines cracked and broke off easily :( and I lost the nice brush that came with it.. LOL but I found that using a angled eyeliner brush works realllllly well for light detail hair strokes hehe

    ~*~*~*~Btw, please check out my blog! I will happily return the favor for
    EVERY comment I get! I will follow back to<3~*~*~*

    Thank you!<3

    1. It was kinda fun, mostly tiring for some reason HAHA. I'm so out of shape~


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