Northern Grade Event

Sunday, November 17, 2013
I believe it was back in September that I went to this event. My professor told the class about it and so my cousins and I decided to go and check it out.

Upon walking in, there was a furnace outside which at first I thought was pretty random, but after going through and and looking at everything, it made sense to the overall theme.

 Besides this random pineapple, I really like the colors and tones of these clothes. I can see guys wear these during the fall and winter. The colors are muted and the textures feel really comfortable to wear.

 I thought this antique chest and sewing machines was really beautiful. 

 The sunflowers added a very homey feel which I LOVED.

 This is the booth I thought was very European-inspired and early colonization-inspired with the colors and styles of the clothes. I would say the bearded man there really puts the whole booth together and tie in the theme because back then men would usually have beards to keep warmth during the cold.

 They were offering free hair cuts and grooming for guys. Too bad we didn't have our boyfriends with us LOL. 

 This section was very "American" with the flag hanging on the wall and the dollar bill. I really enjoyed looking through the little antique pieces. 

 I had to take a picture of these face mugs because I really liked them. I can't help but laugh each time I see it. I didn't buy any, but I can always look back at this picture to keep as a memory.

Overall, I think the theme and mood is "Colonial America". There were a mixture of European styles - tailor, structured jackets and American styles - denim jeans and plaid shirts throughout the booths. 

After the little event, we went to grab something to eat.
We also camwhored a bit in the car aha.

Hoped you guys liked this post!

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