Benefit They're Real! Mascara & Watt's Up! Highlighter Review

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I received this little gift from Sephora for my birthday and I thought I will tell you all what I think of each of the products.

So let's start out with the They're Real! Mascara:

  • Dark black/grey color
  • Lengthens lashes well
  • Holds lash curls
  • Wand design - It is a combination of a regular straight wand and a ball wand. The "ball" part of the wand is very helpful when I am trying to reach the shorter lashes
  • Does not volumize lashes
  • Is not waterproof/water resistant
  • Transfers to the bottom eye area at the end of the day
  • It takes a while for it to dry completely
  • Wand design - It is not curved so when I try to apply it to my lashes it's a little more difficult

Overall, this is not one of the best mascara I have tried. I've only tried like three before this one because I don't usually wear mascara. I was actually pretty disappointed because this is the first non drugstore mascara I own. I thought it will be better than drugstore because it is more expensive. However, out of the mascaras I have tried, this is the only one that held the curls of my lashes. I will still use it because my TonyMoly one is kinda of dried up. I don't think I will purchase this mascara if I get the chance, but I was happy to try it out.

Now for the Watt's Up! Highlighter:

  • Easy to blend
  • Size - The size is perfect to apply onto the brow bone and nose bridge to highlight
  • Color - I think this is a very pretty champagne, nude shade which looks very natural.
  • Packaging - I like how the top clicks into place so I do not have to worry if it will pop out when it is in my bag.
  • A lot of product
  • Does wear off but most makeup do wear off at a certain point of the day so this wasn't a big con
  • Color - It does have quite a bit of shimmer to it and it could get a little messy.
  • Not very hygienic because you need to apply it right onto your face or with your finger.
Overall, I actually quite like this product. It is perfect for highlighting especially for my brow bone. Despite the amount of shimmers it has, it still appears pretty natural. The packaging is very cute and sturdy. For those that want to try out a creme highlighter, I would give this a try. Personally, I don't think I would purchase this on my own because I can find cheaper alternatives, but again since this was part of the gift set, I was happy to try it out. :)

(Please excuse the missing chucks of eyeliner. I need a better one. I took this at the end of the day to show how well the mascara and highlighter last).

Hope this review was helpful!

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10 comments on "Benefit They're Real! Mascara & Watt's Up! Highlighter Review"
  1. Despite the cons of the mascara, I think it looks pretty good
    and natural on you c: Xx

  2. Kind of disappointing with that mascara. I would expect better from a Benefit product. Ehh that highlighter looks too shimmery for my taste.

    1. Yeah, I was pretty surprised with the mascara so I kept trying it out, but each time it does the same thing. I tried really hard to like it, but it doesn't do what I want so eh :/. It does a good job holding up curls though~

  3. Oh this mascara is Benefit's very best best bestseller, it's kind of dissapointing that it has that much cons :/ I have the highlighter, it really does a job, but really expensive also ;C

    1. Yeah, maybe I got a defective mascara. O_O I feel like it shouldn't be like that if it's their best

  4. that benefit highlighter was really good! :)

    xx, Asians Fox!

  5. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! (:
    i'm really lovin' the package of their makeup items! ahah all of them are so cute


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