Note to affiliates and future affiliates:

Friday, September 20, 2013
 I have not done a random check up on my affiliates for a really long time, and I decided to do one today. It turns out that half of the people that I had affiliation with have either taken off their affiliate section completely or have changed urls or deleted their blogs. I really do check up on my affiliates randomly. I have made it clear that if I find out that you have taken me off as your affiliate and have never told me, I automatically delete you as well. You will become blacklisted from my blog from being my affiliates again and other future promotions I will have.

It is okay if you take me off as your affiliate section for any reason; I will not be bitter against you, but all I ask if for you to notify me by email, comment, or message on the chatbox. It is not fair to me, if I hold up my end of the bargain, but you do not, especially if you are the person who requested to me my affiliate in the first place. It is sketchy, and I do not appreciate people like that. It is situation like this that made me set up rules in the first place.

If I have deleted you off due to a misunderstanding like you changed your url and forgot to tell me or you have place your affiliate section in a very hard to find place and I somehow missed it or cannot find it, then please email me to straighten everything out.

Thank you.

1 comment on "Note to affiliates and future affiliates:"
  1. Hm, that's sketchy and really not fair to you at all! :[ I hope you get this all sorted out, Sandy! (if there's a misunderstanding of some sort or whatnot) ^-^


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