Meetup with my friend Lisa

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
Hey everyone! I noticed that I don't do much travel/lifestyle posts anymore so I thought I'll share what I did before school started.

I met my friend Lisa whom I met online like 4 years ago LOL! My bf and cousins came along to hang out at NOVA which is where she is from. First stop was to get FOOD.

We went to Yechon which is a Korean Restaurant.

We were going to get some kbbq but we ended up getting other things instead. If only somebody spoke up then we would have gotten kbbq instead of our own dishes. Well, we were all shy so...

Here's Lisa!
When I met her, she recently went blonde. If I didn't cut my hair short, we would have been twinsies ♥.

Of course, whenever we go to NOVA, we have to stop by this place.

My bf being silly~

We got bingsoo! This was the yogurt and fruit one. I was good, but I think I still prefer the green bean one.

Selfies time~

Then, we went to this cute little store. They sold so many cute stuff. I wanted everything!

They had a purikura machine!!!

We messed up on the first set of photos so we took another set. This was the first time that I took purikura so it was fun.

We stuck the "messed up" set on the machine. We were the only blonde asians HAHAHA.

The trip was so much fun. It was so nice to finally meet my friend in person, and she was just as cute in person as online. Hopefully, we'll meet again another day. :)

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9 comments on "Meetup with my friend Lisa"
  1. I think you and Lisa already look twin alot!
    Looks you 3 had a fun day c: Xx

  2. So many blonde asians in the restaurant hahah You and Lisa look really cute together.
    I really liked this post :3 This kind of post is my favorite!
    Have a nice day~

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I was unsure if people will be interested in my life because it's not that exciting haha. I will make more "lifestyle" posts in the future :).

  3. Uh oh, they spelt Macarons wrong x_x

    It's currently 12:02am and your post made me crave for Korean food... It probably wasn't a good idea to read blog posts at night, and neither is opening instagram hahah.

    It seemed like a lot of fun! I love taking sticker photos with my friends!

    - click for korean makeup and kpop fashion

  4. Aww didn't see this until now c: <3


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