Hair Update: New Hair Cut

Friday, August 16, 2013
Hey guys! Sorry for being a little MIA. Classes are about to start so there are a bunch of last minute things going on all at once. I thought I'll be able to at least have some time to post since I had already taken all the pictures, but I guess wrong...

Anyway, if you followed me on instagram and twitter, you know that I have recently gotten a hair cut. Some of you have already seen it, but for those that haven't yet, here it is! I got it cut on Tuesday.

This is a GIF of me styling it differently yesterday.

It's A LOT shorter isn't it?!

What do you guys think?

I had originally wanted it to be a bit more shorter, but the hair stylist I went to said that it won't suit my face shape nor my style. I just pretty much went along with what the hair stylist wanted to do with my hair because this was the first time I had ever went to a hair salon to get it cut. Usually, I cut my hair myself, but since my bf said that he wants to take me to one just because, I said okay. 

I'm quite happy with how it turned out. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but close enough. I can always fix it myself anyway. Now my hair feels so much lighter! The only down side is that having short hair is a bit more high maintenance than long hair, but I'll see how it goes. At least my blonde hair is more uniformed now and not like a backwards ombre~

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6 comments on "Hair Update: New Hair Cut"
  1. I think it suits you VERY WELL Sandy c:
    Very cute and refreshing! Xx

  2. Love the haircut!
    Welcome to the short hair club! lol
    So are you growing out your bangs too?

  3. Haha lately everyone has been cutting their hair short, I did as well. XD But anyway, I love it! Looks cute on you, especially when you styled it. Hm, though I personally think you could have pulled off even shorter hair.

    1. Yeah, ever since I cut my hair I've been noticing that a lot, too haha.
      Thank you. Your new hair cut looks nice! I have been thinking about getting a pixie hair cut for a while, but I'm too chicken to get it. I know I will eventually do it but I don't know when. LOL


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