[Requested] Stylenanda Hair Bun

Thursday, June 20, 2013
Hey guys!

Today I finally made the long awaited Stylenanda Hair Bun Tutorial! Here are some inspirational pictures I used to create this look.

I finally got myself to do it since I've been sporting this look quite often this summer. It's a great way to get hair out of your face, hide a bad hair cut *cough*guilty*cough*, or if you just didn't feel like washing your hair and you just want a way to hide the fact that you didn't and still look chic *cough*also guilty*cough*.

So let's get started!

All you really need is a hair tie
Bobby pins and headbands are optional.

1.  Start off with how your hair normally is or if you would like, you can curl it first.

 2. Put all your hair in a VERY high ponytail so that it sits right on top of your head.

 3. If you have a lot of hair or thick hair you can split it like me which makes it easier to put in a bun.
If you have less hair than me then you can skip this step.

 4. Take one side and twist it. It doesn't matter which direction you twist. 

5. With the section of hair that is twisted, twist it around the hair tie to create a little bun. 

6. When you are done wrapping it around, you can just tuck your hair into the hair tie like so.
If you have thinner hair than me and didn't split it in half then you are done!

 7. For those that split your hair like me, you just repeat what you did with the other section to this section.

8. Now you have a hair bun!

9. If you have a fringe like me, you can either bobby pin it back or just use a headband. 
I decided to use a headband.

  Usually, I like to style my fringe to cover my wide forehead, but for this tutorial I pulled it back.

Hope you guys liked this tutorial! 
Sorry that it took me so long to get to it, but doing hair tutorials is a lot harder than it looks especially since I'm doing everything by myself haha. 
But I am happy with the outcome. 

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12 comments on "[Requested] Stylenanda Hair Bun"
  1. Great tutorial Sandy! :) Your bun looks perrrrfect

  2. It looks so pretty! ^^ Super jealous of your thick hair too!

  3. I wish my hair would be longer so I could do that! :( your hair is so perfect!!

  4. That's cute. Too bad my hair isn't long enough to make buns quite yet. Slowly growing it out though!

  5. Thank you for the tutorial. I think it's funny how simple it is (supposedly) to put your hair in a bun, but in all reality it's tough. Lol I tried all sorts of different ways, but this one seems it'll keep my hair up.

  6. oh this is so cute. wheres the headband from?x


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