Photo Post of DC's Cherry Blossom festival and various places

Tuesday, April 23, 2013
Hey guys!
I know I haven't posted in over a week, but I was SUPER busy with school work, student orgs, getting my things ready for this contest I'm doing, and just a whole bunch of others things haha.

Bf and I and his sisters went to the DC Cherry Blossom Festival April 14th. It was the last day for it so we just had to go! Bf's sisters and I never went to it before so we were pretty excited.

I bought this button as a souvenir even though it was a bit pricey for a button. I could have made it if I had the button machine haha.

Here are some of the cherry blossom trees.

 I love this from overhead shot the best :).
So prettttyy~

 We asked one of bf's sisters to take a picture of us and this is what she took a picture of...
At least you guys can kind of see the outfit I wore to it? ^-^
 Bf and I. The sun was in his eyes LOL.

 This was the only girl we saw in a Japanese kimono so bf made me go take a picture with her.
I look so awkward...

 Another awkward photo

 "It's a whuh? A duck. Does it quack? Of course it quacks."
Do you guys know that game? ^ haha
 We wanted to go paddle boating, but the line for it was so long and we were bored so we just left and browsed around the tents.

We bought funnel cake and it was SO overpriced.

We decided to just go out to eat since we were all hungry.

Onward to the next destination!
Random picture of my nails. 
Comment below if you guys have any ideas for a nail tutorial for me to do since a few voted for it on my poll.

We didn't go here to eat, but I took a picture of the sign because I thought the name was funny.

 We went to Honey Pig to eat! We always go here whenever we are up in NOVA.

Hi, I'm a ghost we eats Korean BBQ.

Next stop was this cute bakery!

OMG! They have macaroons! I was spazzing out when I saw them!
I just had to buy a few to try since they are pretty hyped.

I got pistachio, green tea, and raspberry. The girl recommend me raspberry and blue berry because she thinks the sour ones taste the best.

I also got some buns and stuff because whenever I'm up here, my mom always ask me to buy some. She didn't asked this time, but I remembered :).
I got the "sponge cake," custard cream, mocha cream, and white cream.

Taking selfies as we wait for our green tea bingsoo :).

The four of us pretty much devoured it LOL.

After that we went home. We were stuffed and tired. I feel asleep on the car ride home, and bf's sisters started taking pictures of me sleeping haha.

It was a pretty eventful day filled with site-seeing, picture taking, and eating good food.

Hope you liked this post!

4 comments on "Photo Post of DC's Cherry Blossom festival and various places"
  1. Oh hey, I was up there that same weekend too but not at the Cherry Blossom festival. If you wanted macarons, there is a macaron shop in Georgetown near the mall. I see you went to Honey Pig again. LOL were they still playing Gangnam Style?

    1. Oh I didn't know there was one. I should go check it out. HAHA no, it was a bunch of different songs, but they do have the little cut-out board of Psy so people can take pictures.

  2. Tourist places are so pricey!
    The cherryblossoms are so beautiful and
    I love that there's someone actually
    dressed up in a kimono c;
    Mhmm the food looks great!


  3. whoaa you were in my area!! so cooll~ I always go to the same honey pig and my auntie owns a restaurant next door to the shilla bakery :D


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