Uniqso Circle Lens Review: Puffy 3 tone Grey

Saturday, March 16, 2013
Hi! I'm here today to review a pair of circle lenses I bought from UNIQSO from a while ago. These were not sponsored by them which is probably why I've waited this long to make a review aha...Each time I feel like making a review for these particular lenses, something always go wrong and prevent me to make it. Well, anyway I can finally make this review today to share my experience with them!

Like always, UNIQSO's packaging is so cute!
They also give you a free pair of contact case with each pair of circle lenses which is always awesome because I won't have to go out and find one. Plus, they're always cuter than the ones I can buy around here.

Please excuse my dark circles. 
I've been swamped with school work and still have more school work to do this week, too. 
Sleep = none. 

How they look when I wear makeup.

DESIGN: ★★★☆☆
These circle lenses have a gradient design. From up close it looks pixelated (not as much as the nudy series though), but from afar it looks pretty natural. I LOVE lenses with a gradient design. These also have a very faint grey limbal ring.

COLOR: ★★★★☆
They are so opaque and vibrant! It's a very pretty icy grey color. It has a gold inner rim which give a gradient blend from my natural eye color to the grey lenses. In certain lighting, these lenses do look blue-ish :/, but nonetheless, I still like the color of these :).

Even though on the vial it says that these are 16.5m (eff 17.5mm), these are definitely not THAT big. If they really were that big, then it will probably cover my whole eye and I would have a lot of trouble putting them in. I feel like these are 15mm. The grey faint limbal rings gives it an more natural enlarging effect, but not as harsh and unnatural as the black limbal ring. I give it a 5/5 because theses lenses are very enlarging in my opinion yet natural at the same time. It does make me look a bit bug-eyed without makeup, but not as much as circle lenses with the black limbal ring  around them or darker colored lenses.

COMFORT: ★★★★☆
I would say these are pretty comfortable for the size. I can wear them for almost the whole day, but it's because I have gotten used to wearing circle lenses. I would not recommend first time circle lens wearer to get these yet until they have tried the smaller diameter ones. 

I forgot how to take pictures of myself since I haven't camwhored in so long haha. That's why my hand is the way it is in these pictures...

Here's an old picture of me wearing these lenses.

OVERALL: ★★★★☆
I would recommend these lenses! It's perfect for everyday wear and for cosplays. I feel like people with black hair and these grey circle lenses would make a perfect combination because they can play with the contrast of their hair and eyes. For those with lighter colored hair, these lenses might wash you out if you do not wear darker makeup :). 

If you would like to get these circle lenses, too, visit UNIQSO!

Use my coupon code [SUY10] for an extra 10% off of your purchse.

Thanks for reading!
Hope you guys have a great day 

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8 comments on "Uniqso Circle Lens Review: Puffy 3 tone Grey"
  1. Ooooh I love the lighter hair color. It looks great on you! Also, these lenses have quickly become one of one of my favorites of like all time. I just love the vibrant color. I wear it all the time like normal contact lenses.


  2. Looks good on you c: Love the
    subtle blue color! The lenscase
    is really adorable!


  3. I've been OBSESSED with these lenses! so pretty omg <3

  4. I love how these look on you! Especially with your light hair, you look like some magical pixie thing. Its lovely!

  5. i juszt bought this lenses yesterday.. I gotta say 'WOW' bcuz it look pretty and natural.. ^^


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