Hair Update: How I achieved my current blonde hair

Friday, March 29, 2013
I finally have time to post my outcome of my hair!
An anon asked me to post more pictures of my hair so this post will contain that and what I did to achieve my current hair color. 
Here is a before & after picture so you can kind of see how light my hair has gotten.
Both of these were taken at the same spot but on different days.
The "before" was back in February and the "after" was taken today.

Below is how it looks like with the lighting from my living room window.
As you can see, depending on the lighting of the room, my hair color looks different. 
Yellow light = more yellowy hair
White light = more white blonde hair

Okay, please excuse my facial expression haha. 
I'm just trying to show you guys the front and back of my hair.

How I achieve my blonde hair with the help of my bf:
I used:

I bought these from Sally's Beauty Supply. I linked the pictures so you can click on them to get to the direct page of the product. 
The main reason why I bought these was because they were on sale for a great deal haha. You can buy which ever bleach or developer you want.
  1. I mixed the bleach and developer together according to the directions. I used about 3x the amount because I have very thick and long hair. If you are unsure then just make one batch and when you run out or need more, make another.
  2. Then, my bf applied it to my roots first, and after that he applied it to the rest of my hair.
  3. I left it in for about 40 minutes, but you can leave it in until you reached your desired hair color. DO NOT EXCEED ONE HOUR. I only left it in for 40 minutes instead of a hour because we had to be somewhere that day. Otherwise, my results would have been lighter.
  4. Then, I rinsed and condition my hair and that's it! I recommend to not use any heat products right after and just let your hair air-dry to prevent further damage to our hair.
  5. [Optional] Apply toner. I didn't use toner because I didn't have any at the time and was planning on toning my hair later on, but a lot of people said that they like my current hair color on me so I just left it how it is. If I do end up toning my hair, I will edit this post or make a new post comparing how my hair looks with and without using toner. [EDIT: toner]
Here are more pictures of me and my new hair:

Most of these are from my ipod so the quality is pretty low, sorry about that!

If you guys have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below! I will try my best to reply back, but keep in mind that I am not a professional so I can only answer your questions based on my experience and current knowledge. 

Hope this helps and have a great day!

12 comments on "Hair Update: How I achieved my current blonde hair"
  1. The blonde looks really nice on you.
    I've thought about going blonde before but I don't think it looks good with my skin color.

    1. thanks!
      and i kinda agree that blonde hair might not suit you...but black hair looks awesome on you though!

  2. Nice~
    your hair is a lovely colour! ^^

  3. Ahhh! It's so cool. *3* You're really brave, I don't know if I can dye my hair blonde like that lol. It suits you~

    1. haha thanks! i don't know about being brave...but i've always wanted to get blonde hair at least once during my lifetime so i just did it!

  4. Hey there! You might not reply, since this was a while ago.
    This hair colour looks great on you! And I've wanted to go blonde for ages too, but everyone keeps on telling me not to do it (I'm asian too). How many times did you have to bleach it until you achieved the blonde colour? Doesn't it go brassy/orangey? I don't have enough money to go to a hair salon, which i did once, but as i said, they didn't really agree on going blonde. Please reply! And your blog has been super helpful, I've been trying to find another asian who wanted to go blonde too ! :) x

    1. Hi Grace! Thanks for stopping by!

      For this blonde shade, I bleached my hair twice and I did not use toner. For my hair it was basically yellow, and depending on the lighting it was different shades of blonde/yellow. In white light it was paler and in indoor yellow lighting, it was more yellow. My hair has a beige/yellow undertone which why it was yellow. (My natural hair color was dark brown black). Most Asians have a red undertone so it will be more orange.

      Did the salon people tell you to not go blonde? If so, did they tell you why? Sometimes it could be the condition of your hair because bleaching is very damaging. If the reason they told you not to go blonde is because they think it won't suit your skin tone, then they could be right since they are professionals. It is hard for most Asians to pull off blonde hair. If you still REALLY want to go blonde anyway, I recommend getting a wig first before going blonde, so you can see how it will look on you. That's actually what I did first before I went blonde. If you don't want to do that then you can also try bleaching a small section first before committing to going full on blonde.

      Hopefully, this was helpful in some way! Feel free to ask more questions if I was unclear on anything!

    2. Thank you so much for replying :D
      The hairdresser said that they could do highlights, so I could gradually get lighter, but I don't really want to do high lights. At the moment I have foils in my hair, and its dark brown, but my black roots are showing now. She also said (before i'd gotten my hair done) I had nice glossy hair and stuff, and it'd be a shame to dye it and damage it. She didn't really mention my skin tone and stuff like that. My skin colour is quite similar to yours, but I'm darker in some places (like my legs)

      I've downloaded hair colour apps to see what it would look like (apps aren't very accurate though lol) but I wore my old Hannah Montana wig (kinda embarrassing to say that) to try it out, and i really want to do this! I'm so passionate about this! And i've done heaps of research, but i have a few questions to clarify.
      Do you think 20 vol developer will be enough to bleach my hair? I already have foils, and my hair is a dark brown, some places lighter than others.
      For toning, I heard for brassy colours, you use purple shampoo to cancel it out. Do I need to put any developer in there? Or i just use the purple shampoo on its own?
      Oh btw, i've read all of your other posts about going blonde and such, it's very informative :) Thanks again, you've been so helpful and your blog is great!!

    3. I see. I recommend using 30 vol developer + bleach and then toning with 20 vol developer + toner. Good luck! Hope everything goes well!


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