Hair Update: How I bleached my hair

Friday, January 4, 2013
So I finally bleached my hair!
New year new hair, right? LOL

I've never bleached hair before so I did some research and asked around before I did this.
Here are the products I used. 

In the picture there are only one of each, but I actually used more than that. 
Since my hair is really long AND thick I had to use the total of:
  • four bleach powder packets
  • two bottles of toner
Anyways here's the process:

Here is my hair before bleaching it. Yea, my roots are growing out and my hair is greasy and gross LOL.
I didn't wash my hair for a day so the natural oils will be on my hair so it will be less damaging to my hair.

I started from the back first and did my dyed hair first. Then, went back to do the roots since my roots were my virgin hair. I had my cousin do it for me.

This is how it looks after bleaching it the first time. I used three packets of the bleach powder.

This is a picture of the fourth bleach powder packet I used. My cousin missed some spots in my hair especially the roots since she did it last and we were running out of bleach. We had to go out and buy more bleach.

This is how it looked like when I touched up the parts that we missed.
Yea, it's still uneven, but at least it kinda blends together?

Then, the next day, bf helped me with toner. I didn't take pictures of the process, but here's how my hair looks after toner. The orange-ness is kinda gone.

Here's the final look of my hair. Sorry for the blurriness.

This picture is edited.

All of the pictures of my hair is not edited except for the last one, but I did resize them and used the star to cover up my face. This is how my hair looks like with flash and normal window lighting.

Overall experience

Do I like it?
Honestly, I don't know. I still need to get used to it. I feel like in person my hair looks gold. It's like a strawberry blonde color. There are sections of my hair that I like which are the blondest parts. I am planning on going lighter in the future though.

Did bleaching damage my hair?
Of course, but surprisingly it didn't damage it as bad as I thought. My hair do get tangled more easily now, but I don't mind. It still looks healthy. I feel like the Palty hair dyes I used before were more damaging than the bleach I used - if not - the same. I heard that using bleach on your scalp will cause it to be irritated and the bleach did a little, but I felt like the Palty hair dyes irritated my scalp more than this bleach powder I used. 

If you have any questions feel free to ask, but just to let you guys know, I am not a professional. This is just based off of my knowledge that I researched and my experience.

Thanks for reading!

14 comments on "Hair Update: How I bleached my hair"
  1. Blonde looks really adorable on you. I love it ^^ I used to bleach my hair a lot. I bleached my hair about 10 different times but then it all broke off and I had to shave my head :'( Just remember to condition and treat your hair a lot so your hair can stay strong and healthy!! <3

    P.S. I'm a 2nd year cosmetology student so I know lots about bleach!

    1. thanks for the tips! i've been conditioning my hair for the past couple of days and haven't shampooed or used heat on it yet, but i know i need to continue taking extra good care of my hair.

  2. wow~ you look great like this~ but in personal opinion I prefer dark hair for asiatic type faces~ anywhere your hair looks awesome~ like it

    1. thank you ^^. i think i look better with darker hair, too, but since i want to be blonde at least once in my life i might as well do it now since my hair was so light.

  3. It looks good on you. Lol I was expecting like a platinum blonde or something. This is more of a dirty blonde. Still, nice job. It's not orange-ish at all.

    1. well, my hair wasn't that light to start out with so i wasn't exspecting it to be platinum yet.

  4. Wow this looks really good, great that the orangeness faded away! How did you manage to dye your hair your previous colour without bleach? My black hair refuses to take any form of colour and the only way to change its colour would be to bleach it!

    1. this is the only time i bleached my hair. all the other times before, i just used box dye. i usually used palty hair dye which is meant for asian hair. i only used the american hair dye the hair color before i bleached my hair. so my hair dyeing processes was basically - palty, palty, palty, palty, loreal hi-color, and bleach.

  5. I super like your hair..I mean, I just love it! I have a cousin who bleached his hair blonde and he told me that his scalp was burned in the process...did your scalp get burned too?

    1. no, not really. it only itched a little. i had the bleach in my hair for about a hour. it could be because i got used to it, because back when i used palty hair dye, it usually itched my scalp more.

  6. I really like it! I was wondering how long you left the bleach in though?

  7. how long did you leave your toner on for?


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