[Requested] Tutorial: Dara's makeup in "I'm the Best" MV

Saturday, December 29, 2012
Hello! Sorry for not updating for a while. 
Today I decided to do a makeup tutorial. It was requested by one of my followers who wanted me to do a tutorial on Dara's look from the MV "I'm the Best". I was actually really happy to do this look because it's so pretty! Also, I feel like it won't be that difficult since Dara and I have the same type of eyelids ^^. 

Here are the reference pictures I used.

Here's what I used:
(not pictured Urban Decay Primer Potion)

Let's get started!

  1. First, I primed my eyelids like usual. Then, I used my finger to apply some bronze eyeshadow on my eyelids.
  2. Then, take a gray eyeshadow and create a wing.
  3. Next, take a black eyeliner and line your eyes. Make sure it is thick like how it is pictured and don't wing it out.
  4. Then, tightlight the top and bottom.
  5. Take a small brush and smudge out the eyeliner and add some gray eyeshadow to intensify it. After that, add some fake lashes and you're done!
Here's the final look:

And here are some camwhore shots LOL.

LOL in this picture I was trying to copy Dara's pose for the first reference picture.

After looking at these camwhore shots, I realized that I didn't make the bottom lash line intense enough so be sure to darken it more if you do try this tutorial.

Hope you guys like this!
Thanks for reading 
7 comments on "[Requested] Tutorial: Dara's makeup in "I'm the Best" MV"
  1. Super cool. I like the way you did this tutorial. It's not so harsh like Dara's but it's very similar. Which I like.
    I also really like that necklace. I'm so jealous. Necklaces don't look good on me.

  2. Very nice. Love how edgy you look!

  3. Loved it, following right now and get your sponsor on mi blog~ can you sponsor mine's to? here the link and hope you'll continue doing your best on this 2013~


  4. thankyou....i like this tutorial..


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