♥ September Favorites ♥

Friday, October 5, 2012

I know this is kind of late, but I decided to do a September Favorites because September is my birthday month :). Here are the things that I've been using and loving!

 I've been using "Pistol" from the NAKED 2 a lot lately. 
I feel like this color is perfect for the fall. It's a grey-ish olive color that instantly make my eyes look "smokey". I've been using this alone without eye primer because in the morning I just don't have time to do that extra step before applying eyeshadow. Even without the eye primer, this color stay on the whole day!
This is my all time favorite liquid eyeliner! It's the Maybelline Stiletto in "Brownish Black". I actually switch back to using this in September because I was tired of my gel liner smudging by the end of the day. This actually stays on my eyelids the whole day without smudging! Well, as long as I don't rub my eyes.

 This is the Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush in "Candy Coral". 
I've actually been eyeing this type of blush for a really long time and I finally got it! A friend of mine actually recommended this blush, too, but in "Satin Peach". I went to the store and found that they only had one "Satin Peach" left and it was used so I got it in this color instead. I really like it! It's really easy to blend with my fingers, and I think this color is perfect for my skin tone. It gives me a natural, cute flush without being streaky. It's also really build-able so if I want my cheeks to have more color, I can add more.
 I actually got this little palette a long time ago, but I've been using it a lot more often in September. It's the Rimmel London Palette in "Smokey Brun". The colors are surprising very pigmented for a drugstore brand. I didn't need to use eye primer to make the color more intense nor for it to last all day on me. I think the sponge applicator made it stay on better. Since I don't really have time to do makeup in the morning before I leave the house, I use this. I usually use it in the car on the way to school. Don't worry. My sister usually drives so I just sit in the passenger seat and do my makeup. 
 This Maybelline's Baby Lips in "Drench", I believe? I forgot the name of this, but it's the one in blue and the actual product is clear. This lip balm is amazing! It give a little shine to my lips and it moisturizes them. My lips are so soft and healthy looking now. I also love how it's not as sticky as lip gloss, but gives the same about of shine.
 This is a Revlon Lipstick in "Demure". 
I've been trying to find a nice peachy lipstick and this is what I've been using. It's actually almost the same color as my natural lip color, but it's a bit more orangey peach. I always have trouble finding a peachy lipstick because for some reason, most of them are like the same as my natural lips so it can be a bit frustrating aha...but this one is nice! It's not drying and I think this color would flatter any skin tone.
 This is the Loreal Infallible eyeliner in "Black Brown". I love how smoothly it glides on my eyes. I usually use this for my bottom lash line and waterline. This last on my eyes the whole day! It does smudge a little, but I don't mind. It doesn't smudge too much like other liners like this.
 This is actually my sister's, but she gave it to me to use. It's basically Vaseline. I use this for my fulcrum area because I got sun burnt in that area from Busch Gardens (I know! That's so weird, but it did happened!"). There was a little patch that was really dry and the skin was peeling off so I use this to moisturizer it and heal it. It worked! That area is not peeling anymore!
This is my favorite nail polish during September. It's the Maybelline nail polish in "Denims". I love this color! I got compliments on my nails when I had this color on. It really does look like the color on jeans. This nail polish is actually a matte nail polish with tiny silver flecks in it. It's really gorgeous!
These are the Fresh Brown circle lenses.
I've been loving them! This is what I usually wear if I want to wear circle lenses. I like that they give me a natural enlargement and that it can help me see better XD. If you want the full review of these, I have it here. If you want these circle lenses you can get them on UNIQSO :). I have a discount code if you want to purchase them - "SUY10".
This isn't really a beauty product, but I've been wearing this necklace in September. I like how it instantly give any outfit an extra "umph". It's a statement necklace and I like how it can be classy and edgy depending on what my outfit is for the day. I got this from Ebay~

Hope you enjoyed my cheesy first "Favorites" post ^-^.
I just realized after typing up this whole post that a lot of the products that I've been liking are Maybelline products. XD.

14 comments on "♥ September Favorites ♥"
  1. Happy Birthday! Late I know, but I couldn't resist. Since my b-day was on September the 29th. Love your favorites. I don't own any of them but it was interesting hearing about them.

  2. Happy birthday! I was eyeing up that Rimmel Palette the last time I was at the drugstore! The Maybelline blush looks like such a pretty color!And I love the ebay necklacee :) I want to do a favorites post!

    1. Thank you! You can do one if you want haha~

  3. The dream bouncy blush looks interesting, do you have a review for it?? :)

    1. No, I don't. Would you like me to do a review on it? :)

  4. ive been wanting to try that boucy blush too but everytime i try to get it, the only ones left are usually the open ones. TT.TT

    1. I know right?! Same here, but then it's not bad that some are used because you can do little swatches with them to see how the color looks on your skin. I recommend buying it at Walmart because that's the cheapest place to get it or any place like that like Target, but Target will be a couple cents more.

  5. Nice post :) Oh wow we don't have the Maybelline bouncy blush in Australia, but it looks so cute! Hehe

    1. Really? The bouncy blush have been out for quite sometime now. Well, I definitely recommend it if you find them in Australia!

  6. Happy Birthday :) <3 half of things you mention are not available in Czech republic, but some of available ones I have! <3 I totally love your necklaces!

  7. Lip therapy the best! Like your blog and you're too cute :-)


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