Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Expo at DC

Friday, October 26, 2012
Hi guys! I've been really busy lately, but I'm trying my best to make time to post. 

Well, firstly, I went to my first Expo! I was really excited about it especially since this year's expo was hosted by Miss Jay! My bf drove me and a couple of my friends to DC. It took about two hours, but we still made it. The car ride was nice. I got to enjoy the scenery. I love how pretty everything looks because it's autumn now~

 Washington DC had a lot of pretty architectures. I took all of these shots in the car. We were kind of stuck in traffic.

 Look! A trolley!
 My friend is so cute haha. I wish I looked cute when I'm casually walking down the sidewalk.
 We are here!
Bf and my friends

 Fatin made Miss Jay laugh! 

I'm really happy my picture with Miss Jay turned out nice ^^.
 I was so shy and nervous when I met Miss Jay. I shyly said "Hello~" and smiled. Miss Jay was so funny, he was acting all shy and stuff, too and then gave me his autograph and posed for a picture.
Aw, her pictures turned out blurry.
 Miss Jay's pose XD

 In this picture. Miss Jay actually noticed us and turn to us and posed for this picture!!

The frontal pictures were taken off of the FBLDC site and the side/body shot pictures were taken by my bf.

 Free mini cupcakes! 
Surprisingly, the velvet and chocolate ones didn't taste that good. I liked the yellow cupcake the best.

 There was a lot of people.
 My bf bought me this bracelet! He said he wanted to buy it for me as a souvenir (aww hehe).
 I thought this collar was nice. Inspiration for a future DIY?

 These were taken by my friend Megan. The lighting was perfect!

 Leaving the Expo~ 
I thought the clouds looked really pretty and the sun setting.

After the Expo, we were really hungry so my bf suggested going to Honey Pig which is a Korean restaurant.

Everything was pretty good!
After dinner, we went home.

The Expo was pretty neat. It was kind of boring because I didn't know any of the vendors, and the things they had didn't really stand out to me. The bracelet my bf got for me could have been bought from eBay, but it's the thought that counts and it was a nice souvenir :). Throughout the whole Expo, there were lots of fashion shows. I tried to take pictures of a few of them, but they all turned out so bad and blurry so I'm not going to upload them. 

Miss Jay did a mini contest. I think random people were chosen at the Expo to participate and they were judged by their walks. My bf could have participated, but he refused... Anyway, it was entertaining because of Miss Jay's comments. I felt like he was such a good host.

Besides Miss Jay, there were other famous people there, but I forgot their names because I don't really know them...I remember that one of them was a previous winner of ANTM. I remembered seeing her on the show, and another person was a football player. I'm so bad with names...

Thank you for reading! I know this was a really picture heavy post, but hopefully you enjoyed them.
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10 comments on "Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle Expo at DC"
  1. The picture of you and your boyfriend is cute! It looked like a fun outing :) xo

  2. Beautiful pics! ^^ Oh~ Miss Jay:DD

    I challenged you on my blog^^ I hope you have time to do it:)

    1. thank you! i'll try to do the challenge when i have time ^^

  3. lol Sandy. I think you liked the yellow cupcake best because it was the only one made without alcohol. The red one was redbull vodka and the chocolate one was made with two types of wine.

  4. Awwww, you got to take a photo with Miss Jay! ♥

    First time visiting your blog. Love it.

  5. I've been to NY and to DC
    awhile ago, and I remember
    how clean and tidy DC was
    comparing to NY :P

    Oh wow Miss Jay is really
    tall. I love him in the
    ATM show :P
    You look really cute with
    your boyfriend!



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