OOTD: Pink Lace

Sunday, September 9, 2012
I haven't updated in about a week! >.<.

School is picking up and so I have lots of presentations and projects to do so I haven't been able to update as frequently. I do have all of these ideas for upcoming posts to do so stay tune for that. I know that there are things on that lists that I haven't done yet, but that "Upcoming post" section is mostly for me to keep my ideas somewhere. I will eventually do all of them! I did delete all the things on the list I did to keep it neat.

Anyway, enough for my little update of my excuse for not posting haha. 

I was planning on doing "Outfits of the Week" post, but in the middle of taking pictures of my outfits, my camera died so I only have 2 OOTDs. I only took Wednesday's and Thursdays.

This is what I wore on Wednesday :)

 This picture was really washed out by the sunlight, but I really like it for some reason. 
It looks like I'm a fairy *:・゚\(^ヮ^)/✧*:・゚

I took all of these pictures myself with my tripod and camera timer. It was kind of hard (mostly the lighting part), but I think the pictures turned out okay~.

Pink Lace Ruffled Top: from mom 
Light Grey Cami: XXI
Dark Grey Skinny Jeans: XXI
Leopard Print Loafers: Sears

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