♥ Circle lens on sale ♥

Sunday, September 2, 2012

UNIQSO is having a promotion and the Puffy 3 tone (Shinny) series and the GEO Angel/Super Angel series are on sale! The Puffy series are down to $9.90 and the Angel/Super angel series are 50% off which both can be bought in your prescription if you need that! The offer ends September 15th.
Check those out if you have a chance and are looking for new circle lenses for the new school year ^-^.
If you do buy some, use my discount code (SUY10) for an extra 10% off. (★^O^★)
I just bought some last night! I bought the Puffy Grey and Puffy Violet because I’ve been eyeing those for so long so I’m really glad that they went on sale! LOL.
*Disclaimer: I am affiliated with them, but UNIQSO did not tell me to promote this promotion. I just wanted to let you guys know that there is this sale going on, and who doesn’t like good deals, right?*

2 comments on "♥ Circle lens on sale ♥"
  1. Same here, I am also affiliated with them ^^ great company.

    Hope to see the reviews soon ^^

    Love emi

    Your newest follower


    1. eeps! i can't believed you follow me! i've been your follower for a while hehe.

      thanks for following me ^^<3


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