Last minute NYC trip

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
I'm not sure if I should make a post here about the trip since I already made one on my personal blog, but I thought I might change it up a bit and make it be more about the "artsy" side of the trip. If that makes sense. LOL. If you follow my personal blog then you probably already saw some of these pictures. I didn't really take much since we were only there for a day and mostly got lost. Anyway, let's get started :).

These were the only decent, not-too-blurry picture I have of the sunrise. It was a lot more gorgeous in person.

 I think this place was a part of Little Italy, but I'm not sure. We got lost and ended up in this area with a lot of graffiti art and murals. We passed by a lot more, but I only remembered to take pictures of the last couple.  

 We also got baby turtles! Aren't they just so cute?! Mine is the top one and my cousin's is the bottle one.
This is my and my sister. (bad angle of me, but it's the only non-blurry picture)

 One of the only group shot of the 4 of us that wasn't blurry. (My camera is old...)
 We mainly shopped around Mott St. (Mak Gai)
 Here's me carry my baby turtle and an idea of what I wore for my OOTD. I forgot to get a good body shot of everybody's outfit. OTL

 The bubble tea place we went to. The bubble tea wasn't that good, but the interior was nice~

 Couldn't get much of the inside due to me being vertically challenged -.-

 Group shot of my siblings and my cousins.
 Group shot o the baby turtles we got. My brother got one later on.
This was the last store we went to before we left. 
There were so many cute things and beauty products in there! 
I wished I had more money to spend~

 Oh yea, they changed the packaging for the Palty hair dyes. I didn't know until I saw it here.
I bought some of these beauty masks! I haven't tried them yet, but I will soon.

And some camwhore pictures with my baby turtle Kumquat hehe.

I'll be making a haul video and picture blog post of everything I bought at NYC so stay tune~
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