Got my eyebrows done!

Sunday, August 12, 2012
As you guys may know, I've been growing out my eyebrows so I can finally get them professionally done. I got them done today at this little salon at the mall. It's called Brow Art 23. I chose that place because it was the only place nearby that has eyebrow threading.

This is kind of random, but I really like how the salon looks! It's all my favorite colors <3>

I think the lady did a nice job. The pain was bearable. It hurt more on my left brow since I usually don't pluck that one as much as my right one. That's because usually my bangs cover the left eyebrow LOL. She did my eyebrows really quickly! I want to say about 5 minutes?

Here are BEFORE & AFTER pictures of my eyebrows:

My grown out eyebrows = EW.
I know. LOL. 

I actually like my left eyebrow more (the brow on the right side of this picture). I didn't really like how angular she made my right one, but that's okay I can fill it in so it won't be as angular haha. I also thought that she should have threaded the inner ends of my brows because I feel like they're kinda lop-sided...but it's an easy fix though. 

My first reaction when she was done was "Woah, so clean!" LOLOLOL. 
So yea. Here's a camwhore shot after I got my brows done.
Yea, I definitely need to fix the inner ends of my eyebrows. LOL.
Oh, and I'm not wearing any makeup in these pictures if you were wondering...
4 comments on "Got my eyebrows done!"
  1. Ahhh! You're eyebrows are so pretty! lol.. I think the shape is very cute. XD I'm trying to do something like that with mine, but my hair is thick and is taking a while to grow. >_< How long did you take to grow yours out?

    1. Thank you ^^. I think it took about 2 months? I never actually got my eyebrows done before. I used to just pluck the stray hairs and try to shape it, but there's never really a difference besides a bit more neat. I just stopped plucking my eyebrows to grown them out fully.

  2. I love the shape and it only took five minutes? Like magic! *_*
    I've always wanted to try out the place, but I heard it hurts.. I don't know lol.

    1. It didn't hurt that much, but my pain tolerance is probably different than yours. When my sister did it with me she teared up LOL. Have you ever tried to pluck your own eyebrows before? If you have then it shouldn't be that bad. I would recommend threading if you have a low tolerance for pain because the "pain" is really short. It just feels like a few pinches.


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