OOTD: First Day of Class

Thursday, August 23, 2012
For those that were wondering if I continued on my little "tradition". I did! LOL.
I wore a white top and jeans to school today just like how I did the last two years.

These pictures were taken by my sister Jessica. She is like 4-5 inches taller than me so all of these pictures were angled from the top. My legs look so freakin' short, but they really aren't! 
Mosquitoes were attacking us so we didn't really get that many good shots. These were the best...

White button-down: XXI
White tank top: XXI
Jeans: XXI
Black Flats: Charlotte Russe
Triangle necklace: Ebay
Claw cuff: Ebay
Black stringed bracelet: XXI
Backpack: Dillards

Simple, casual outfit, right?

Now going to end the post with a flower~
This flower is the only picture I took. Isn't it pretty? I liked the colors. This flower is also planted by my mommy. ^^
6 comments on "OOTD: First Day of Class"
  1. i really like your outfit (: it's cute! your accessories <3

  2. You're so beautiful^^ I love your hair!! That outfit is simple but still nice! ^^

  3. That's so cool that you have a tradition for every year xD I love the outfit btw!


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