Collective haul from Ebay

Sunday, August 26, 2012
Hey! I finally manage to post about my long awaited haul that I've been planning to do. Sorry for keeping you guys waiting. I made a video to show you guys what I ordered because I felt like it was easier to show since there are a couple of clothing items. Hope you guys would like it. LOL. 
I know I say "um" "I don't know" "like" "and" and do that little annoying lip smacking thing hence why I don't do much videos. I will work on my little bad habits for my upcoming videos so please bare with me ^^;.

See how loose it is around my knees? Weird huh?

Hope you enjoyed this post ^^.
9 comments on "Collective haul from Ebay"
  1. I really like the shoes, the bandage tights and the backpack!Can you post the sellers for those?

    1. sure! i'll edit it into the post.

    2. actually i'm too lazy to do all of them so here are the ones you asked for LOL

  2. where did you get bow jean from?
    im prob too fat for it anyway XD

  3. I've been wanting bow jeans forever! Where did you get them?

    1. hi. i got it from ebay. please read my post before asking questions because i usually list where i got everything.

      thank you ^^


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