Blonde wig

Friday, August 31, 2012
LOL so for those that were wondering if I really dyed my hair blonde or if it was a wig - IT'S A WIG!!
My friend Megan gave me her blonde wig ^-^. It was so nice of her because I always wondered what I would look like with blonde hair LOL. The quality is really good, too because it's soft and feels almost like real hair. Thank you so much Megan ♥

Here are some camwhore pictures aha...I took a lot...

I felt like Rapunzel in this wig LOL.

Does blonde suit me?
Should I actually dye my hair blonde?

Oh yea, for those that asked what my song is on my blog it's Woo Yeon Suk (Click-B) & Hyuk Sung - Time Seemed to have Stopped (with Megan Lee) 
My friend Bernie helped me find out the name.
Thanks Bernie! ♥

15 comments on "Blonde wig"
  1. The wig really suits you o u o

  2. It suits you and it looks so real! :o
    You can stay on the safe side and not bleach your hair, and instead wear the blonde wig when you want a change? haha, idk!

    1. haha yea, but i'll probably only wear it for picture purposes or halloween stuff. i might still dye my hair blonde, but i'm still not sure yet.

  3. It looks good on you^^ That flower headband looks so cute!!^^

    1. thank you! i made the flower headband myself ^^

  4. you look cute blonde ^^
    && you should go blonde look like doll

    1. haha i'm still thinking about dyeing it blonde.
      thank you though ^^

  5. Hi! I like your blonde wig, it looks very nice on you! :D

  6. Hi,
    I like the wig.its really beautiful
    thank you

  7. Looks amazing! Do you know where your friend bought it from? I've been searching for a good quality blonde wig in exactly that tone!

  8. my friend said she got it on ebay for like $8! :D

  9. pretty girl! I want this wig also.. where did you buy this wig? Looking so good. lace Front wigs

    1. I didn't buy the wig, my friend Megan gave it to me. She said she got it on ebay and I looked on there and this wig below looks the most like the one I have.


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