Hair Update: Redyed my roots and the rest of my hair with Palty Macaron Beige

Monday, July 23, 2012
So it's been about 3 months since I last dyed my hair. My roots were crazy! They were around 2 inches so I dyed them yesterday with some help from my cousin Diana.

Here's how my hair looked with all the roots and stuff grown out:
No edits by the way. Taken with flash.

I used the same hair dye that I've been using. Yes, you got it right - Palty Macaron Beige!

I did my roots first and waited about 10 minutes and then dyed the rest of my hair. I used 2 bottles, but I think I needed like 3 bottles since my hair has gotten so long. I have long and thick hair. 

Here's how it looks after I rinsed and used conditioner:
Tada!~ ヾ(^∇^)ノ
No more roots and even color. 
This was also taken with flash and no edits.

If you're wondering if my hair color came out to be like the hair dye. It did! Or at least really similar to it.
Taken with flash and no edits.

Taken without flash and no edits.

My hair is mostly the same color, but around the mid section of my hair (like around the neck to shoulder area) it's a little darker. That's only because I ran out of hair dye. It's fine though since the color will fade anyway and my hair look mostly the same color  haha. 

My hair doesn't really look that orange in real life and in natural lighting. It looks more ashy and beige.

Anyway, if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below in the comment box!

8 comments on "Hair Update: Redyed my roots and the rest of my hair with Palty Macaron Beige"
  1. Really? It came out nicely being ashy and beige. I'm jelly >.<! I have the same problem with you; long and thick hair. I end up using 2 or more dye sets. I want to dye my hair this shade now .... *envious*

  2. In this review your hair looks lighter then the colour you had in your other review of when you first dyed it Macaroon Beige, it it lighter or the same colour as what you had in the other review?? because I really like the colour but i dont want it really light.

    1. hi! i used the same box hair dye and dyed it over and over again. i dyed my whole head each time my roots were out which is why my hair gets lighter and lighter after each dye. if you don't want it to go lighter then when your roots grow out just do your roots.

  3. Hi, so I recently dyed my hair but I only did part of it to do an ombre look. So the top half is still virgin hair. I've been tempted now to dye my whole hair with the same color and I was wondering if the color would be evened throughout or would it be slightly lighter on the already dyed section? I commented a few minutes ago but it didn't show up so I'm retrying again, so sorry if it comes out double posted :o

    1. I recommend dyeing the virgin hair section first and then wait for about 5-10 minutes and then do the rest of your hair (ombre section) with the same hair dye. This way the virgin section of your hair will have a longer amount of time for the dye to settle in. This is how I always touch up my roots so just pretend that the virgin hair section is your VERY grown out roots :)


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