A Pop of Red

Sunday, July 8, 2012
My cousins and I are planning to do a color series where our "photoshoot" themes will be based on a color. Today we decided to do red. I don't really have any red clothes, but I found these red shorts I had :). I've had these shorts for about 2-3 years now aha...Still fits~ Please hype if you like my outfit LOL. 

^Taken by my sister Jessica.

Black Straw Hat - H&M
White Blouse with Tiny Black Dots - XXI
Red Shorts - XXI
Black Lace-up Wedges - Burlington Coat Factory

On my lips - Artistry in the color "Stunning"

I will edit this post tomorrow to add more pictures because I don't have other pictures of this photoshoot at the moment ^^;.


^This pic is my favorite camwhore shots that day LOL^
The reason why we're laughing is because the blanket fell off right before this shot.

 ^Before the actually shoot. We just camwhoring haha.^
When the actual shoot began~
ft. Me, Mindy, Diana
You see, I thought we were doing the legit shoot, but they were still goofing off LOL.
We didn't actually get to finish this shoot so Diana don't have any pictures alone :(.
This was the only full body shots of most of the people.

6 comments on "A Pop of Red"
  1. what a cute outfit!! my bf would kill me if i wore a shirt showing my belly.. i really wish i could T^T it looks awesome on you! your hair is so nice too.. it makes me miss mine );

    1. omg, i think my bf would kill me, too if i showed my tummy. i haven't shown him these pictures, but hopefully he won't get mad at me. i felt kinda "risque" wearing this because i showed my tummy LOL, but did it anyways haha. hopefully, my parents and aunts won't see this pic ever. O_O

  2. I love this! This outfit suits you so well! :D

  3. I haven't visited your blog in a long time, Sandy! I love your outfit, it's really cute on you!


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