Fobby Barbie Princess Mimi Circle Lenses Sale

Sunday, July 8, 2012

I got an email from Fobby Barbie yesterday announcing their Clearance Sale for the GEO Princess Mimi circle lenses. I went to check it out and they were only $8.99! That is really inexpensive for circles lenses so I bought a pair. I just ordered mine, and I'll do a review on the lenses when I get them. 

I thought I would share this sale so you guys can get in on this deal. I do have to say that I never bought from them before so this will be my first time. Hopefully, the experience will go well...I have emailed and talked to them before and they seemed nice and answered my questions pretty quickly. If you guys are iffy about them then just wait. I'll update you guys with how they are. I don't want you guys to be scammed because of me. I'll be the guinea pig and hopefully, I'll get my lenses before the deal is over. I just want to post this so you guys will know that there is this deal right now. 

I would check it out though. Some of them are going fast. The ones that my sister was going to get is already gone.

Also, I am not affiliated with Fobbybarbie and I am not being asked or paid for this. I got the email because I made an account on their site and they send out "news" through emails. I am just sharing this with whoever is interested.

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