Day 04: Doll-like Look

Monday, July 23, 2012

  • First Row: Prep your eyes with eye primer. Apply a base color. I used "Virgin" from my NAKED palette.
  • Second Row: Take a like brown color and apply it on the outer corner making a triangle. I used "Buck" from my NAKED palette. Also, take the light brown color and apply it on the bottom outer corner of the eye. Then, I took a shimmer purple-y color (I used "Toasted" which again is from my NAKED palette) and add it in between the two colors that I had already applied to make a nice gradient.
  • Third Row: Next, line the eyes with whatever eyeliner you like to use. I used my Maybelline gel liner in "Espresso". Drag the eyeliner downward because this make your eyes rounder and more puppy-eyed. Then line about 1/3 inward on your bottom lash line. Fill in the gap. It should look like a triangle. I also used "Buck" and mixed it with "Dark Horse" to line the next 1/3 of my eyes. It just makes the bottom lash line look more connected and because it looks like the eyeliner gradually gets thinner towards the inner corner of my eyes.
  • Fourth Row: Highlight the inner corners. I used "Sin" from the same palette that I've been using for this whole tutorial LOL. I also used the same color to highlight the center on my eyes to make my eyes pop more. Curl your lashes.
  • Fifth Row: Apply a generous amount of mascara on top and bottom lashes. (Optional: apply false lashes. I used demi-lashes and followed the downward eyeliner I made early. This give it a more rounder look).
  • I used a pink lipstick for my lips (Revlon Lip Butter - "Strawberry Shortcake"), and apply some pink blush (NYC - "Pink Cheek Glow").
So here's the final look and some camwhore shots~ (^-^*)

This look was mostly inspired by gyarus since they are so doll-like. 
There wasn't anyone in particular I was basing this on. It was just a general look haha. 
Hope you guys like it! ヾ(⌒_⌒)ノ

PS - Sorry that the quality of the pictures are kinda grainy...My camera was dying on me when I was taking pictures.
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    1. exactly what kind of lashes did you use? (brand, number, etc.) they look so perfect on you!

    2. Hi. Sorry for the late reply ^^;. These lashes were a gift from my friend, and I cut them in half. On the packaging it said "Luxury Eyelashes" which I assume is the brand, and it's in number E-11.

      And thank you! :)

  2. cute makeup tutorial!!!^^ looking forward to your upcoming ones~!


  3. You're so cute!! <3


  4. wahhh so cute!!! you remind me of a bunny >w<

  5. You're soo cutee !!


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