NAKED & NAKED 2 Palette Review

Monday, June 25, 2012
So here's long awaited post about the NAKED Palettes. I bought the NAKED palette about a year ago and I use it almost every day. Then around the beginning of this year the NAKED2 palette came out and I wanted to get it, but since my sister wanted it, too she got it. I already had a NAKED palette and she didn't have any and we said we would share it so everything was fair. (。◕‿◕。) Previously when only I had the NAKED palette I let her use it whenever she wanted so yea.

Here are some photos to compare and contrast these two palettes.

*Taken with flash

*Taken without flash/window lighting
The reason why I did the swatches in circles instead of the usual rectangular form is so you guys can compare these two palettes. These are actually more pigmented that how it is shown on the pictures, but my camera washed-out some of the colors.
Now for the individual reviews and my opinions of these palettes. (☆^ー^☆)
  • 2 matte colors - Naked and Buck
  • 10 satin/shimmery colors
  • came with Urban Decay Eye Primer (not pictured) and eyeshadow brush

  • Virgin | Sin | Naked | Sidecar | Buck |Half Baked

  • Smog | Dark Horse | Toasted | Hustle | Creep | Gunmetal
I bought this palette for $48 not including tax. The colors are neutral colors that you can make lots of looks with. After getting this palette I didn't get anymore eyeshadows for a long period of time because I didn't need any others LOL. I used this palette almost everyday and there is still a lot left after a year!
  • The colors I used the most are Virgin, Buck, and Darkhorse. I like using these to fill in my eyebrows. 
  • The colors I used the 2nd most are Sin and Sidecar do add a little color/shimmer to my lids.
  • The colors I used the least areToasted, Creep, and Gunmetal because I'm into the more "natural" look so I used mostly brown colors.
  • All the other colors I have played with and used sparingly.
  • Half Baked and Smog are really pretty colors from the palette and are the colors that I was drawn to when I first found out about this palette, but after buying it I didn't find myself using it as much because on my skin tone it looked a bit too much for everyday looks. It looks really natural in pictures though.
  • Toasted and Hustle are browns with a purple tint. 
  • Darkhorse is a brown with a hint of olive.
  • Naked is great for a wash on your lids. This color is almost like my skin color.
I think this palette is worth $48 because it lasts for so long. It's really pigmented and easy the do "smokey-looks" because the colors you need are all beside each other. This palette contains mostly "golden colors" in my opinion.

  • 3 matte colors - Foxy, Tease, and Blackout
  • 9 satin/shimmery colors
  • came with a a double sided eyeshadow blush and lip gloss (not pictured)

  • Foxy | Half Baked | Booty Call | Chopper | Tease | Snakebite

  • Suspect | Pistol | Verve | YDK | Busted | Blackout
I don't use this NAKED2 palette as much as my NAKED palette because this is my sister's. However, I think I've used it enough to tell my opinions about it. My sister got it for $50. Again, this is a great neutral palette that you can created a lot of looks with. I would describe this palette as "Pearly" because most of these colors are a pearly color.
  • The colors I mostly used are Foxy and Bootycall. I use them to highlight my eyes and brow bone.
  • The colors I used the lease are Tease and Busted.
  • All the others I used sometimes.
  • Chopper has a orange tint to it. The color is like a new penny color.
  • Snakebite is a bronze color.
  • The Half Baked in this NAKED2 palette is lighter than the NAKED palette one.
  • I really like the color Pistol, Verve, and YDK. I used those colors for the most recent wedding I went to.
  • Pistol is a grey olive color.
  • YDK and Busted have a tint of purple in them.
  • Blackout is a really nice "matte" black. Even though I consider it a matte color, there are a few shimmers in it, but not enough to make it look shimmery.
I think this palette is really pretty. If I had to choose which palette to get and it was my first time seeing them, I would have chosen the NAKED2 because the colors look so gorgeous. I'm more drawn to pearly colors than golden ones. Also, I like the packaging of the NAKED2 more. However, after using these two palettes, I feel like the NAKED palette suits me best because there are colors on there that I can use to fill in my brows and line my eyes. Both are GORGEOUS palettes that are worth the money. 

I hope this review helped those that are trying to figure out which palette to get. If you have questions about these then feel free to leave a comment and I'll reply to them as soon as possible. (⌒_⌒;)

4 comments on "NAKED & NAKED 2 Palette Review"
  1. Awesome review - exactly what I needed to read to make my decision :)

    I'm gonna go with the NAKED2 palette! Thanks for all the great info, honesty, and pictures!


  2. What a pretty colors! <3 In two weeks I'm going to London and I planned to buy of of these - I'm not sure which one should I take :C I really like neutral natural colors with a little bit of shimmers and I need at least 1-2 dark mate colors fro lining, I also like more warmer tones. What do you recommend? ^_^

    1. I would recommend the NAKED palette. I always use either "dark horse", "buck", or "naked" to fill in my eyebrows for all the hair colors I've had - dark brown/black, brown, light brown, blonde, etc. I also use "dark horse" or "creep" to line my eyes if I want a soft natural look for the day. The NAKED palette also has warmer tones.

      The NAKED2 palette doesn't have enough dark and and "matte" colors to use to fill in brows or line your eyes.

      Hope this helps! :)


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