Overrated Shoes I want

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Like any other girls out there, I LOVE shoes! My mom complains that I have a lot of shoes, but I don't think I have that much...I mean I haven't thrown away any shoes I got since 8th grade. I still have them all ahaha. I'm a pack rat >.<.

Anyways, these are the shoes I've been eyeing, but I don't know if I'll get because they are pretty pricey. Also, these shoes are pretty overrated, but whatever haha. I've heard good things about them so why not?
I don't think I'll get them all at the same time, but maybe splurge on a pair when I can.

EDIT: I finally found the place of the leopard printed creepers I want!

I really like the last pair because I like the design, but it only comes in 2 inch platforms. The first two pairs are 1 inch platforms.

The reason why I want 1 inch platform is because I feel like if I wear a 2 inch platform, people would think I'm trying to hard to be taller LOL. Remember when those platform flip-flops were popular? I hated them! I mean I don't think 2 inches is too much if you're like 5'3+, but I'm under 5 feet so wearing 2 inch tall shoes that aren't heels will look awkward on me. :/

EDIT: I'm starting to really like the cheetah printed one a lot more now and the first white pair. I think I'll eventually get both x].

A LOT of people have these. I want a pair so badly though ┰ω┰. When they first came out, I didn't want to get a pair because I thought that it might look too chunky on me because this shoe is pretty block-like. After seeing all these different people wearing them, I don't think it would. I think it pretty much flatters all sizes. I also hear these are REALLY comfortable for a high-heeled shoe. I'm not sure which color I want but most likely I'll get a one of the first 3 - black, blue, or nude.

Dr. Martens
These are basically like combat boots which I have a pair of, but the shaft of the shoe is shorter than my combat boots. I'm mostly drawn to this shoe is because it's like rain boots + combat boots which is awesome! I don't really like rain boots because they look plain and kiddy-ish, so usually I wear combat boots when it rains or my tall black boots. 
I really like these two colors. I don't know which to choose because I was drawn to the white pair first, but I also like the red one. I do wish the red was more of a wine color though.

The main problem with all these shoes is that I can't try them on. I think they only sell them online. I heard that the Litas are true to size, but the problem is that I don't know what size I am...I wear shoes that range from 4s - 6s. Most shoes that I need to wear socks for, I get 6s. If it's heels I get 5s or 5.5s. For flats I usually get 6s since it's easy to find, but I need to add the heel thing so it won't slip off my feet.

For the creepers, and Dr. Martens is fine if I get a 6 I think, but the Litas are my main concern. It's heels that you can wear socks with so...???

I wish I knew someone in real life that has a pair of Litas so I can try it on and see which size I should get (´;ω;`).

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  1. i have a pair of creepers,,,, but i can never find anything to wear with them ): what size do you wear? if we are the same size you can have them lol. i wear size 7 :X


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