Makeup Challenge (second attempt)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I posted this on this blog last summer and I never completed this challenge so I'm going to start it again. Hopefully, I'll be able to do all the looks on here this summer. It probably would not be back-to-back. It'll be more like a weekly thing. 

Create these looks on yourself or someone else and post a picture of it (:
Day 1: Simple, Natural Look (you should look like you’re not even wearing makeup!)
Day 2: Edgy Look
Day 3: Any look with a bold lipstick
Day 4: Doll-like Look
Day 5: Makeup for Holidays
Day 6: Makeup that makes you look like an animal
Day 7: Makeup inspired by a famous celebrity
Day 8: Makeup that represents a culture other than your own
Day 9: Makeup inspired by a flower
Day 10: Makeup for a night out at the club
Day 11: Any look with glittery eye shadow
Day 12: Makeup inspired by a Disney princess
Day 13: Makeup that makes you look like the opposite sex
Day 14: Any look with lots (and I mean LOTS) of mascara
Day 15: Sexy Smokey Eye Look
Day 16: Makeup that shows off your eye color
Day 17: Edgy Eyeliner Look
Day 18: Makeup that shows off your bone structure
Day 19: Dinner Dance/Prom Makeup
Day 20: No Makeup At All (to remind yourself that you are beautiful,

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