spring photoshoot [warning: picture heavy]

Sunday, March 11, 2012
The four of us had originally planned to do a photoshoot, but never got around to it. I needed photos for my project so we finally took the picutres :D. I'm going to only upload the ones that I'm in though because I don't know if my sister and cousins want to be on this blog or not...Plus, I didn't use any picture of myself in my project so yea~

PS - Yes, my belt was slanted LOL. My sister didn't tell me when she was taking pictures of me that it was so I didn't know until I looked at the photos.

3 comments on "spring photoshoot [warning: picture heavy]"
  1. I like your outfit :] It's really cute!

  2. thanks kai ^^
    LOL my bf's name was Kai when I first met him (sorry for being random ahaha)

  3. very cute look! So sweet and spring-y :P


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