Palty Hair Dye Review: Macaron Beige

Thursday, January 5, 2012
I dyed my hair with Palty Macaron Beige. I wanted a light brown color more to the cooler tone like an ash color. My natural hair color is dark brown and in bright sunlight it's a brown color. I had previously dyed my hair with Palty Ganache Tart, but it ended up being darker than my natural hair color and had a red tint which I didn't like. I waited about a month to dye my hair again with the Macaron Beige.
Natural Hair color 

After dyeing my hair with Ganache Tart. See, it's like no difference.  vvvvv

Below is after dying with Macaroon Beige. It's not really what I expected but I still like it :) 

I wanted my hair to be like this person's. ^
I guess it's close enough. It's just that my hair ended up being more on the red tone than the beige/yellow tone. Maybe if I use the same hair dye again it will be closer to that model's hair color?

     Overall, I like the Macaron Beige hair dye. I didn't expect it to be that exact color on the box because I'll have to bleach my hair. I didn't want to do that so I'll just gradually go lighter. The reason I got Macaron Beige is because this is like the lightest hair dye color in the "brown" family, and I mostly just want there to be a color change in my hair. I have to say that the first time I dyed my hair using Palty, my hair became really, really smooth and shiny (∩_∩). I couldn't stop touching my hair even though the dye made no color difference. This was when I used Ganache Tart. Then, after 3 weeks I dyed it again with a different color.
     The second time, I dyed my hair with Palty Macaron Beige, I felt like my hair wasn't as smooth anymore. It gets tangled more easily now, but that's okay. It's kinda expected since dyeing your hair is supposed to be damaging to your hair anyways. I know that different hair dyes from Palty have different components of shine and smoothness, but I forgot which is switch since I can't read Japanese. The way you know is from the heart shaped gemstones on the back of the box where the swatches of hair colors are.

So yea. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave me some ^-^. I will try my best to answer. I'll just end my post with some more pictures that I took with my new hair color LOL.

10 comments on "Palty Hair Dye Review: Macaron Beige"
  1. Did you have to bleach your hair for any of this?

  2. nope. i'm too scared to bleach my hair ;__;

  3. Oh wow! That's good color, too! Do you think it'll have any effect on light-ish-brown hair? XP sorry, I'm not good with dye lol

  4. it will probably be closer to the color shown on the box :)

  5. Thank you! :) Sorry, but FINALLY a blogger who responds XD

  6. haha no problem! hope it'll turn out well!

  7. just wondering, did you use ONE box of dye or two?

    1. during this time, i used 2 boxes since i had medium-long hair and thick hair.

      if i were to dye my hair now, i would use three boxes since my hair now is at my waist.

  8. Hi! May I know what kind of eyebrow pencil did you use to match the hair color? :) It looks pretty on you!


    1. I actually just used the color "Buck" or "Dark Horse" from the NAKED palette to fill it in ^^


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