YesStyle mini hual and review

Tuesday, August 9, 2011
I ordered from YesStyle on July 31, and the stuff I bought came yesterday. It wasn't that bad since it said that it should get here 6-14 business days. The packaging was okay. I was kinda expecting a box, but it was just a plastic covering. No biggie since the products were still in pretty good shape or so I thought.

I got a set of tops and a purse. My sister got two purses.
These two tops (shirt and tank top) was pretty much what I expected. I knew it was going to look more like a tunic on me than an actual shirt and tank top. It looks almost exactly like the one on the model.

I'm actually pretty satisfied with this one.


no flash
The purse on the other hand was NOT what I expected. I really didn't think it would be that reddish in person. The picture I took of it doesn't even look like how it does in person. All of the pictures I saw on YesStyle was of a caramel-like color. Maybe it's the lighting in my room but I dunno. It looks really red brown to me in person than just a caramel brown.
Yea, the material for it isn't so good either. Look, the stitching where it's supposed to be adjustable is coming off. I don't know if I should return it/exchange it or not. I was just trying to adjust it and the material of the purse was so flimsy and stretchy that the stitching just just came right off. I'm kinda pissed. NONE of the purses I got that were brand new ever had the stitching come off from adjusted the strap. This is the most expensive purse I got too so I expected it to be more durable than my other purses.

Also, when I opened up the bag that had this purse in it, it smelled SO BAD. It smelled like fish and something else combined. I don't even know how to really describe the smell. It was just awful.

For one of my sister's purses, the stitching was kinda coming off, too.

This is my first time ordering from YesStyle and I was really hoping it will be a nice experience. Now I don't even really know if I should purchase from them again. :(
2 comments on "YesStyle mini hual and review"
  1. Most of the bags that are from China have that smell. I bought some online too and the whole box of bags smelled so bad T_______T

  2. really? i see...well, at least now we know about the smell LOL. it was my first time buying from there so i had no idea. next time (if there will be a next) i'll try to avoid products from china ^^


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