GEO Tri-Color Blue/Nature Blue Circle Lenses

Friday, May 20, 2011
Geo Tri-Color Blue/Nature Blue
Okay. I’ve been putting off this review for so long LOL.
I’m making this review because when there aren’t much about the tri-colors which is by far still my favorite and I’ve had the ck-105 and geo angel gray.
I ordered these back in August. I got it at Sweet As Me, and I received it in about a week or two. I ordered it near the end when the batch was closing so I didn’t have to wait that long. The owner is really nice. I had some questions and she replied back pretty quickly. I ordered like 3 pairs of lenses and each came with shimmer stick or false lashes and each came with a case. :)
It came in a box with peanuts in it, and yes, I’ve kept the box until now XD

with flash

no flash, natural window lighting

no circle lenses, natural window lighting
(btw the angle of how i took this picture is closer to the picture with flash. just so you can see how enlarging it is)

no flash, natural window lighting
Enlargement: 6/10 (They aren’t that enlarging but it does give me a natural enlargement which I love. The ck-105 and angel gray I didn’t like as much because the black ring around them gave me too much of an enlargement and made my eyes look too huge and too anime-like).
Comfort: 9/10 (I’ve worn these all day and they were fine with me since I got used to wearing it a long time. I’ve even napped with it on a few times which I don’t recommend since it’s not good to sleep with any contacts on anyways. LOL. For me it just made my eyes more dry).
Design: 9/10 (I like how the colors blend together which give a “natural” look).
Overall: 10/10 (This is my favorite series of circle lense ^^. It looks good with or without make-up).
Details: color - blue, size - 14.0 mm, base curve - 8.6
If you order from Sweet As Me, it will be really nice if you would put my name as the person that referred ^^.

original post via my tumblr
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