Clean&Clear Blackhead Eraser Mask

Friday, May 20, 2011

So I started using this product like 2 months ago. I use it once a week usually on weekends since I have more time then. I use it after I showered and cleansed my face because the steam from showering open up my pores. (Yes, I cleanse my face and shower at the same time LOL. Hey! It saves water).
What it does: it helps loosen up black heads and get rid of them.
The first time I used it I saw instant results. I noticed the area around my nose (that’s where I have blackheads) were brighter. It really did lift away most of them. I had the mask on for 5-10 minutes or until it dries. It tightens like other masks when it dries. It doesn’t have any special smells. It just smell like other clean&clear products.
Also, like most products it won’t be as effective after the first or second time. I still use it up to now because I want to control my blackheads. Does that make sense? LOL. I think I’ll stop using it for a while and use another product because I think my skin is getting used to it.
Well, the first 3 weeks or month I used it my bf noticed that my blackheads were mostly diminished. :) He asked if I’ve been using the Biore nose strips, and I said no and that I was using this mask. I got him to try it too since he had some blackheads, but his wasn’t as noticeable as mine since he’s a lot tanner. LOL. I’m so pale so yea…
I recommend trying this is you have lots of blackheads :). It was like $5 at Walmart LOL.

Edit: I was trying to find this to use it again, but I haven't found it yet. I realized that this product really helps maintain my blackheads! Now that I haven't used it for a while I miss it. :(
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