About Me

Hello! I'm Sandy, and I am a VCU alumnus with a major in Fashion Merchandising.

I first stumbled upon blogging back in late 2006 and since then I have become obsessed! I started by blogging about my daily life and slowly incorporated fashion and beauty. I have moved my blogging from blogspot to tumblr, and now I use both. As of 2012, blogspot became my main outlet for creative content, and my tumblr is where I get inspirations.

The name UHHSANDY came about during AIM days and has since been my handle. I can go more into why that came to be and how it grew on me another time, but for now that's all you need to know. :)

This blog will consist of many things ranging from lifestyle to fashion to tutorials. From this blog I hope to share a part of my life to you and to share my interest in beauty and styling. I hope you guys will enjoy what I have to offer as much as I enjoy blogging about them!

For any business inquiries concerning sponsorships, product reviews, or collaborations, please email me at uhhsandy@gmail.com.