Hello, Yellow

August 11, 2017

Been loving my yellow sunnies!
I love the 70's vibe it gives off to any look, and how it makes a simple outfit more trendy~
It also helps add an unexpected pop of color to my usual monochrome looks. I love it!
I've also been loving these loafer slippers. 
They're so comfy and easy to wear. I feel like it low key class up an outfit.
Oh, and I've finally ridden in a convertible! I remember when I was a kid, a convertible would be my dream car. It's not my dream car anymore, but I still wanted to ride in one to see what it's like.
It was good and bad. 
Good - the breeze 
Bad - the breeze; especially if you have long hair. 
But I'm still very happy to check off my bucket list!

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