Summer transition

June 24, 2017
King&Fifth beanie // Charlotte Russe sunglasses // Forever21 top // Victoria's Secret bralette // Forever21 shorts // Forever21 boots // Forever21 mini backpack (similar)

It's finally summer! This may be a surprise to some, but summer is actually my favorite season. Yes, it was fall before, but that has changed since maybe 3-4 years ago? As I got older, I appreciate the longer days more because I can be more productive. Coming home from a 9-5 job while there is still daylight makes me feel like I didn't get stuck at work the whole day - I feel like I still have time to do some other things after work instead of just going straight home. I love that.


VMFA ft. Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit

June 19, 2017
I finally went to the Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit at the Virginia Fine Arts Museum!
It has honestly been so long since I went to a museum that I was just super excited about this visit.
Plus, I mean, it's Yves Saint Laurent!
I tried to zoom in to get the details of this gown but it was quite hard since the rooms were dimly lit and I was just using a point and shoot camera.
Alongside the collections, there was a wall full of croquis!
To be honest, I can spend all day looking at croquis. 
This is probably one of my favorites.

The original Opium perfume design.
This dress is just amazing! Absolutely love the big bow in the back.
From sketch to final
Love this period.
If you've been following me for a while, you'll already know how I love to mix feminine and masculine pieces together - here is where it all began!

I know this is a really random photo, but I just had to since our boots were so similar!
I believe this is the period inspired by his worldly travels to different countries.

I don't remember what this period was, but the silhouette is stunning!
This period was like the best of both worlds. 
Can you guess the paintings he drew inspiration from?
I had a lot of fun trying to remember my art history.
This period was also really interesting. 
I love the transition of colors in the spectrum and all the corresponding fabric samples.
It also seem like each design and color emulated a certain country's style.

The visit was amazing! 
While reading and looking through the exhibit, it reminded me so much of what I had learned when I was in school. It was also really inspiring seeing how it all began for him and where he pulled his inspirations. So happy to see one of my favorite couture/luxury designers' collections in person.

I believe this exhibit last through the summer so if you guys would like to see these collections in person, you still have time!


Succulents for Days

June 03, 2017
Seriously, it was like I was in heaven. 
I was so overwhelmed with all the variety and how beautiful all of them were! I was super excited and happy. Who knew I could just find them at Home Depot?
There were so many to choose from that I spent maybe a good hour there just looking at all of them. I had like seven different ones in my basket, but I knew I didn't have much space to put them all. Also, even though they are pretty inexpensive - small amounts add up. I narrowed it down to four instead which are these:
I may or may not go back and get more...depending on how well I can take care of these first. So far so good, but let's not jinx it! 

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