Feeling Blue ft. Rosegal

May 29, 2017
I don't know what it is about this time of the year, but generally I will start to wear a lot more blue or variations of blue - blue dresses, blue skirts, blue jeans, blue shorts, blue tops, blue shoes, blue whatever-else-there-is! It's not necessarily because I'm sad since usually that's the emotion associate with blue, but rather the opposite. 

Blue reminds me of the sea which, then, reminds me of tropical vacations. It reminds me of hydrangeas which are my favorite flowers. It reminds me of blueberries which are extra yummy during this time of the year. We also see more blue skies because the days are longer - I just love the color blue...

Since fashion is a form of expression, you will definitely see me wear this color a lot more often. Here are two of the many more "blue outfits" I'll be wearing this season so stay tuned on my Instagram!
Rosegal romper // Forever21 bag // UrbanOutfitter belt // Forever21 booties // Forever21 sunnies
Blue romper! That's what I forgot... 
I love wearing rompers in the summer because it's so easy and you don't really have to put much thought into it. This romper is so airy, but thick enough to not be see-through. I paired this with a belt since I felt like it looked a little like pajamas without one and because it was a little big on me - style and functionality - YAS! Then of course, I had my bag and shoes to match and pull the whole look together. 

Rosegal skirt // Forever21 sunnies // Forever21 top // Forever21 bag
I'm sure you've been seeing the rose embroidery trend everywhere lately and of course I had to try it out, too! I've been trying to find an A-line skirt with rose embroidery and finally found one! Usually skirts are too long on me, but I think this one fits better than most. I had to combat it a little with a very cropped crop top which worked out for me. The quality of the denim skirt is amazing! It does not feel like cheap denim at all. It's SO comfortable and has quite a bit of stretch. I actually can't wait to wear this skirt more :).

Anything you guys are really into lately?
Please let me know!

Items were gifted and selected by me in return for a review.


Plant Nursery

May 15, 2017
Bf and I always drive pass this plant nursery so last weekend we decided to check it out!
I was hoping to find some cute succulents and mini cacti because the ones I had unfortunately died...
I had forgotten about them so they pretty much withered up...
This nursery mainly had outdoor plants so I was out of luck with the succulents.
Even though I couldn't find what I was looking for, it was still interesting to see all the different types of plants they had. It felt like we were in a garden forest which was pretty neat.
Oh, and we saw some chickens! I manage to get a shot of them before the rain started. I haven't seen much chicken coops before, but this one is NICE.

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