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Soft like a Teddy Bear

January 29, 2017
Forever21 coat (similar) // H&M top // Victoria's Secret leggings (similar) // Forever21 boots (similar)

SO obsessed with this coat. It's extremely soft like a plush throw blanket. I love wearing it around because it's a more acceptable way to basically wear a blanket everywhere! I also love that it has a hood to protect my body from losing too much heat. I wore tight fitting clothes underneath to streamline the look since the coat is pretty "fluffy". Even though, I really love this coat - I don't wear it as often as I would like. I'm worried that it will get dirty and I won't know how to clean it; so if you guys have any tips - that will be awesome!


First Snow Fall of the Year 2017

January 19, 2017
Charlotte Russe sweater (similar) \\ Forever21 dress \\ Forever21 boots (similar) \\ Forever21 beanie (similar)

It snowed the day after we came back from Florida - talk about perfect timing, right?
I always loved the first snow fall because everybody is always so dramatic about it - cancelled classes, no school, and maybe no work. It's like the perfect time to just stay home and drink some hot cocoa. 


Hollywood Beach, Miami, Florida

January 09, 2017
We had a quick one day trip to Hollywood Beach, Florida. 
OMG. Look at all these palm trees! 
The water was so beautiful and clear! 
It was comparable to the water at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 
It's pretty amazing how different the climate is when you just travel 12 hour south of the country. Home was cold and cloudy and here is bright and sunny! I feel like if you want to experience all four seasons then just travel around the U.S. during the winter and you'll hit them all.

We didn't take much pictures since we were just trying to enjoy the beach. We played in the water and sun bathe for a bit and called it a day. Definitely, would love to come back some day to explore the area more.


The happiest place in the world

January 08, 2017
Can you imagine what it was like for a big disney fan like me to finally be able to go to a whole amusement park with all things disney?! It was honestly like a dream come true. 
I was definitely like a big kid going from one place to another trying to see everything before the day ended. I didn't get to see any princesses, but I saw someone even better! 

STITCH aka 626!!

We only had a day pass to Magic Kingdom so we didn't do EVERYTHING, but we did do the carousel, teacups, rode two rides - Seven dwarves and Space Mountain, ate turkey leg, and of course, visited some souvenirs stores.
Excuse my disheveled look. We spun the teacup REALLY fast.
We ended the night watching the light show at Cinderella's Castle. 
It was perfect.

What a great start to the new year.
I hoped everyone is having a good year so far! If not, it's okay. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day :)


2016 Rewind

January 07, 2017

I noticed a lot of youtubers doing this and thought I'll do something similar.

My blogging in 2016 was REALLY sporadic. I also didn't update as much I wanted to...because I was too caught up with...life. For some reason that sounds really weird typed out and as I read it in my head, because my life isn't really that eventful. One thing for sure is that 2016 - my blogging died. There were many reasons why I think my blog died but the main reason was because I could not manage my time as well as I did before; I felt like I was always playing catch up with my blog posts and I felt like what I wanted to post was not relevant anymore so I just don't post anything. I'm going to sound like a broken record but
I am determined that for 2017, I will be more consistent. 

That is my resolution for this new year.

Now let's see what I've done in 2016.
  • Tried new recipes and foods
I started to be obsessed with TastyMade videos and actually tried a couple of recipes. 
My favorite were the apple roses.
Chocolate cake with pink decorative frosting
FINALLY tried Hot Spot in NoVa
As well as Momofuku Milk Bar.
Kung Fu Tea was pretty huge this year. 
My favorites are peach oolong with nata jelly and winter melon with boba.
Starbucks Rainbow Drinks went pretty out of hand, but I still LOVE the pink drink (strawberry acai with coconut milk)
  • Visited more museums
Taubman Museum in Roanoke, VA

Renwick Gallery in Washington, D.C
  • Physical Changes
I finally decided to do something different to my hair and I had an ash brown to blonde ombre during the beginning of the year
I actually got it pierced in 2015, but it finally healed and I was able to change to a ring.
  • Fitness
See my fitness journey here
Indoor Rock Climbing
Black Light Run
  • Exploring nature
Maymont Park
Libbie Park

  • New job

  • Various activities/events
Shooting Range
Dinner and Jousting 
Ferris Wheel
NYX Grand Opening
Sister's Graduation
Charlie Puth Concert 
  • Fashion/Beauty Opportunities
Collabing with Morning Portal
Doing Hair/Makeup (no makeup pics - privacy reasons)

  • Mini Trips/Getaways
Myrtle Beach, SC

Virginia Beach, VA

I guess 2016 was pretty eventful, and I definitely tried out a lot of new things that I never thought I would like going to the shooting range and going to a jousting dinner. Here's to more new adventures and opportunities in 2017!

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