#DOODLESBYSANDY - 100 days project: Day 1-10

Towards the end of April I decided to do the 100 day project that I've been seeing on instagram. You can pick anything you want to do, but I decided to doodle since I miss drawing and it's a good stress reliever for me. I believe you're supposed to upload one photo a day, but I feel like it that will be too hard to keep up - drawing and posting a photo of it the same day? No way. Plus, my instagram is more of a fashion/lifestyle feed than an art feed so I decided to just post all the drawings/doodles here every 10 days

Anyway, here's my progress!

To be honest, it's quite hard to keep up since I get artist block, but I'm still trying! I'm one day behind so I need to do two doodles tonight. Also, I'm late with uploading these. I'm actually on Day 15...

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  1. Your doodles look so cute! Are you doing them all in the same notebook?


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