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Can't stay away from black

May 29, 2016
Forever21 everything \\ Charlotte Russe flats

Even though black absorbs the sun the most, I'll still be rockin' all black this summer. It's perfect for hiding sweat stains and you don't need to worry about what color undergarments you're wearing, because chances are it won't show through!

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#DOODLESBYSANDY - 100 days project: Day 11-20

May 23, 2016
Did not mean to end on this note, but I was having a really awful day that day.

Stay tune for my next 10 days :)
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Light blue jeans

May 20, 2016
 Forever21 top \\ Pacsun jeans \\ Charlotte Russe flats \\ Michael Kors bag \\ TheFifth watch \\ Onecklace necklace

A rare occasion of me wearing light blue jeans AND it's in the boyfriend style. Black jeans and black bottoms are my comfort zones, but sometimes a nice pair of blue jeans is the perfect subtle change. Don't you agree?
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Pinkicon Circle Lens Review: O-Lens Fench 3color Pink Review

May 16, 2016
Pinkicon is the largest Hong Kong online retailer that sells genuine Korean circle lenses. For this review I thought I'll choose my first pink pair! I thought it was fitting and because I've been quite obsessed with nudes and pinks lately.
Always, love when I get hand written notes in my packages.
D.I.A: 14.50mm 
COLORED D.I.A: 14.00mm 
B.C: 8.8mm 
Water Content: 38% 
Package: 1 pair 2 bottles 
Duration: Half Years 
Origin: Korea 
Color: Pink
 These lenses looked pink the contact case, but when worn it looked different. The color looked more lavender or pale brown in my eyes than pink which I don't mind. I like the subtle color. The design is a gradient burst which is the best for blending with the iris.
I am able to wear it the whole day! But if you do stare at a computer screen the whole day, then it might get drying more quickly than when you are not - like most circle lenses.
Love the enlargement. It's really natural and perfect for my eyes. If you have bigger eyes, then these might not be as enlarging on you.
Absolutely love my first pair of pink lenses! I really like the subtlety of the pink. The first time I wore it, my friends immediately noticed. They thought it was a brown, but when I told them they're pink lenses, they were surprised. They thought it was pretty and so do I! Definitely, recommend this pair for those that want to venture out to pink lenses, but aren't completely ready for the brighter ones out there.

If you're interested in these circle lenses, click here or go to the direct link: If this pair isn't quite your cup of tea, there is over 300 pairs you can check out. Pinkicon offer FREE world wide shipping for all of them!

Happy shopping!


Beige is the New Black

May 14, 2016
Walmart hat \\ H&M jacket \\ Forever21 dress \\ Forever21 boots \\ Forever21 necklace

Beige is the new black, don't you agree? This color has been growing on me. I thought that this color would wash me out since I'm fair and blonde, but with the right accessories I think anyone can pull it off!

Any color you're hesitant to wear? Let me know! Maybe I'll style something in a future post/video to give a bit of inspiration?

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