Taubman Museum

March 30, 2016
Taubman Museum
Roanoke, VA

Tia and I went to visit the Taubman Museum, and we were both impressed with all the installations. I wasn't sure if I should make a separate post for each or combine it all in one so I went with the latter.
Hopefully, you guys will be able to see them vicariously through these pictures. Definitely, check it out in person if you ever get the chance!

"Not Fade Away" by Rachel B. Hayes
As soon as you walk into the museum, you will most definitely be mesmerized with this installation. These giant quilts are hung across the ceiling which allows the light to pass through to create these beautiful muted colors across the floors and walls. It will always be different because you never really know how the light will come into the museum. Definitely an instagram-worthy piece!

"Eye of the Needle" by Jonathan Brilliant & Amanda McCavour
This piece is made of coffee stirrers and other coffee related things. 
This one is made from thread and seems to be coated with some wax-like liquid or glue.

One word for these two installations - details! I really love how these installations were right next to each other because it reminds me of the earth and sky respectively. When I read the blurbs about these, the common denominator was how the artists "organize chaos" which is very fitting.

"Atlanta Gal" by Petah Coyne 
This is my favorite installation. The blurb about this installation mentions that the artist is known for her organic, large-scaled sculptures that are made with wax, ribbon, and feathers. Most of her work looks really delicate, but the base is actually made of steel which I love because it plays on that dainty but strong juxtaposition. 

The Saturday Evening Post Covers
Just walking through decades of cover pages for The Saturday Evening Post. There was actually a group of students touring this area so we didn't really stayed too long, but here's a quick picture of me with Rosie the Riverette!

I had a great time going through the exhibits. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed seeing parts of it through my pictures. Let me know which one is your favorite?


I'm not Suede (Swayed)

March 16, 2016
Forever21 coat, top, jeans, boots

I am aware that Spring is this Sunday, so I thought I'll quickly post this look before it hits!
I got this coat on sale about a month ago and thought that it was a perfect transitional piece between seasons. It has been my go-to this month because it's quite thin which is perfect for 50-60°F. It's made of faux suede and shearling. I'm so happy to add this to my coat/jacket collection because I don't have anything like it yet. Also, I absolutely love that it has a hood! I didn't realize that most of my coats/jackets are hoodless which can be quite troublesome when unexpected rain hits. It makes me kind of sad to put it away for the season,'ll definitely see this again in fall!

Luray Cavern

March 14, 2016
We went spelunking! 
Behind us is a body of water. The water was SO clear and reflected the stalactites.
 These are pictures of Pluto's ghost at three different views from the tour. It's named that because the people who first came upon it, thought it was a ghost due to how white it was. This also signifies the middle of the cave.
 Apparently this part of the cave "sings". I recorded a short video of it down below. You have to be very quiet to hear it. I thought it sounded wonderful, and it's quite amazing what nature can do.

 The wishing well! 
The color of the water was a beautiful sea green color. We didn't have any coins so none of us made wishes :(
Overall, the tour was really interesting. 
It was about a hour long, and I got a decent work out from it!
 Ended our tour with some ice cream :)
Forever21 Jacket // ASOS Jeans // Charlotte Russe Boots // Forever21 Bag
Afterwards, we just visited the museums and did the Garden Maze.
We ended out trip with the Garden Maze which was pretty fun! So glad we did it during the day because I don't think I'll make it if it was dark haha. Lowkey felt like the mazer runner, but without the time limit and the monsters.

If you guys are feeling quite adventurous or just want to go spelunking, I recommend checking this place out. The actual cavern is more breath-taking than the pictures portray. I did bring my DSLR, but I forgot the SD card so all photos were taken from my iphone.

International Women's Day

March 08, 2016
Mango blazer / Forever21 button-up / Pacsun jeans / Forever21 boots / Colourpop lips (beeper)

Happy Women's Day!
I'm collaborating with Privesuits to help bring awareness and to celebrate 40 years of liberation for women! Throughout history women were always restricted with what they can and cannot wear, especially blazers and pants. It wasn't until the early 1970s that women we able to were pants leisurely. Today is the day all about empowering women and to see how far we've have gotten. Join us by posting a photo of yourself wearing a blazer and using #right2suitup all throughout this week!

I've decided to go with an over-sized blazer to give me that boyish silhouette. Rolled-up sleeves help make this blazer look less overwhelming on me and to give that effortless, casual vibe. I paired it with some skinny jeans and tall ankle boots to slim everything down and to add extra height.

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