Snow Storm Jonas

January 27, 2016

This was by far the most snow we've had in years; there was more than a foot! My parents said the last time there was this much snow was back in early-mid 2000s.
Forever21 Coat | H&M Sweater | American Apparel Jeans | Public Desire Boots | The Fifth Soho Watch | Forever 21 Sunglasses

Since there were so much snow, I had to take advantage of the white background and the awesome lighting reflecting from it. I went for a monochromatic ensemble and a pop of burgundy for the shoes. 

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  1. Dress warm Sandy! You look great c:
    We didn't got any decent snow this year :c
    would love to have a piece of Jonas over here!
    Xx Ice Pandora

  2. love the boots!!! So cool!

  3. Love all black outfits. I was in all black too haha but like winter blizzard gear. My house got like 33 inches or something. I couldn't get home from DC for like 4 days!

    Also, our last blizzard was in 2010. Did you guys not get much snow then there at the time?

    1. Dang, that's a lot!

      I actually don't remember...You know that there's this bubble that always surround this area so probably


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