Snow Storm Jonas

January 27, 2016
This was by far the most snow we've had in years; there was more than a foot! My parents said the last time there was this much snow was back in early-mid 2000s.
Forever21 Coat | H&M Sweater | American Apparel Jeans | Public Desire Boots | The Fifth Soho Watch | Forever 21 Sunglasses

Since there were so much snow, I had to take advantage of the white background and the awesome lighting reflecting from it. I went for a monochromatic ensemble and a pop of burgundy for the shoes. 

New Glasses

January 21, 2016
Well, it's not really new new, since I've had it since September. I just keep forgetting to blog about it. #storyofmylife
Glasses: glassesusa || Top: ootdfash || Lips: colourpop trap
I got these glasses at GlassesUSA. I've been trying to find a good pair of prescriptive clear frames for the longest time - I think since my National Pink Day post. I somehow stumbled upon this online retailer and took advantage of the promotions. It also has free returns and shipping so I didn't really have anything to lose, but to try it out, especially since they had the clear frames in the size I was looking for. I wanted it to be a bit oversized to compensate for my lack of a nose bridge since glasses and sunglasses usually slip down on me anyway. Saves me some trouble of always pushing it up to see better. The only thing I'll change about it is the temple length of the glasses since it is a little too long for me, but nonetheless

I adore these glasses!

I love how I can style it with anything. It can be edgy or boho and everything in between. Also, because the frames are clear, it doesn't overwhelm my face too much or makes it seem like I'm hiding behind these glasses. The quality is really great, too. It's not light and plastic-like; there is a bit of weight to them which I like. I would totally recommend!

2015 New Year Resolution Recap

January 07, 2016
I don't know how many of you remembered, but I made three New Year Resolutions in the beginning of 2015. Those resolutions were:
1. Read more books
I technically did this because I didn't read any books for leisure in 2014... I only finished one book which was The Beast Within, but I kind of cheated because I recently remembered about my resolutions and finished it last week...haha. I did already read more than half of the Chinese zodiac one when I got it because I wanted to know what the new year brings for me and others I know. I plan on rereading some of the sections and see how much of it came true. Let me know if you would like a post on that. Aside from books, I did feel like I read a lot more articles online this year, too.

2. Go on more adventures and explore!
Definitely! I did go out of town to a different place other than NYC and NOVA. I went to South Carolina for the Myrtle Beach trip, and North Carolina for the lantern festival. (It didn't hit me that I went to both of the Carolinas this year until this post!) I also tried out a good amount of new places to eat and shop. I tried out that new donut shop around the block that I mentioned earlier this year, and I went to events in my local area and to museums. I went to my first bar and went clubbing for the first time this year as well. I know, I'm such a late bloomer for these, but it's because the people that I hang out with finally turned 21 so we got to do more things like that.

3. Update this blog and youtube more frequently

I would say I updated my youtube more and updated the blog about the same as before. The main difference was BLOGMAS. I didn't participate in it because I just didn't have the time, but I really hope I'll be able to do it for 2016. Who knows, maybe I'll even do vlogmas? My goal for 2015 was to post a blog entry twice a week and upload a video twice a month. I did manage to do that in the first half of the year, but towards the end I was down to maybe one blog post a week and one video a month.

So did I fulfill my New year resolutions??
I would say for the most part - yes. I didn't do exactly what I had planned, but I would say it was good enough and I'm happy about that, especially because I started working more, too. I felt like my time management skill improved, and I hope that I'll continue to manage my time well because I just love blogging!

 What about you guys? How did your new year's resolution go? 
Do you plan on having some for this year?

I think I'm going to try to keep these same resolutions for 2016 and add three more.
1. Going to the gym at least once a week 
During the warmer seasons, I go at least twice a week, but when it starts to get cold, I slack off because all I want to do is stay home and cuddle up to watch Netflix. (I'm sure a lot of people are guilty of this lol).
2. Drink at least a bottle of water a day
I feel like I don't drink enough fluids throughout the day especially water. It's not that I don't like to drink water or other types of beverages, it's just that I forget? I'm more of a snacker than drinker, but I hope that drinking more water will keep me hydrated so I'll be able to have nice skin haha. I know it's quite a vain reason, but 2015 was the year my skin probably went through the most so I hope by committing to this habit, my skin will improve.
3. Clean/organize room every two weeks
Even though I consider myself an organized person, my room on the other hand is not...I mean, I know where most of my things are - in organized piles of messes, but they're still piles of mess. I work better in a clean organized environment so maybe trying to keep up with my room will make me more productive and procrastinate less.

These seem like simple resolutions, but I know it'll be difficult to maintain. Wish me luck!

2016, I'm ready for you!


What I got for Christmas

January 05, 2016
I don't usually make posts like this because I don't want others to feel like I'm bragging about what I received, but I decided to make this post anyway because I'm so grateful for all the presents I got - many of which are actually from my wishlist! It's honestly quite a surprise because I didn't expect to get most of these gifts since like all my wishlists, I usually just save up and buy them myself. Also, this was probably the year I got the most presents which I am REALLY, REALLY thankful for.
From the BF ♡

From my Secret Santa (Danny)
(not pictured is the can of Arnold Palmer drink lol)

 From Tia

From Rose
It's a hand made scarf that is really thin and long :)

From myself
This is my first designer bag and I'm obsessed with it!

This year I went all out. I planned ahead and ordered and bought most of the presents around Black Friday so I would get everything in time and wrap it up to give to others. This was truly a year of giving for me because I just wanted to show some appreciation for those that were always there for me and supported me. Pictured below isn't even all of the presents given out this year haha. If you follow me on snapchat, you saw the pile of presents I wrapped.
Even though it wasn't the ideal Christmas setting this year - it was abnormally warm, but it was still a great Christmas nonetheless.

I hoped everybody had a wonderful Christmas and happy new year! 
I swear that December flew by way too quickly. I have so many posts that I need to hurry up and work on and post before January fly by, too!

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