Onecklace Name & Initial Necklaces Review

November 29, 2015
Today I'll be reviewing these necklaces from Onecklace. I'm sure you all have seen these necklaces around. I already own the 24k-plated Name necklace, and I'm glad to add these two to my collection!
I know the Name necklace looks gold here, but it's only because it reflects my hair color. It's definitely silver.
If you don't already know, Onecklace is an international jewelry manufacturer that specializes in making customized jewelry. Each order comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and the pieces are all stamped or embossed with the appropriate metal number.
I have chosen two sterling silver pieces so each is stamped with "925;" it's very small so it's not noticeable when worn.
Name necklace | Sterling silver | Rolo chain | 16cm | Carrie font
Initial necklace | Rolo chain | 16cm 
Onecklace offer various lengths for the necklaces and two chain styles. Both of these are 16cm long and are in the rolo chain style. Compared to my previous Name necklace, the clapse are different. I found that the rolo chain & clapse is a lot harder to put together. 

Here's how the 16cm falls on me. If you have trouble figuring out which length to choose, I would recommend those that are petite (5'2" and under) to get the 16cm and for those that are taller than that to get the 18cm. But of course, you can honestly choose which ever length you prefer!

great packaging
easy to customize
great quality
easy to layer with other jewelry
matches any outfit

clapse is hard to fasten for rolo chain
hair might get caught around letters

Overall, I love these necklaces! In my opinion, it just feels extra special to have customized jewelry.  Also, you don't necessarily have to get a necklace with your name, you can have any word you like. Onecklace has other types of jewelry to customize as well such as earrings, bracelets, and rings if necklaces aren't your forte.

And of course I have a discount for you all! 
Use [ uhhsandy10 ] and you get 10% off your entire order.
Happy shopping!!


lantern festival

Lantern Festival at Fayetteville, NC

November 22, 2015
Bf and I were invited last minute to this event by his friend because he had two extra tickets. 

One of the first things we did were to meet and take pictures with Rapunzel and Flynn Rider!
Rapunzel taught me the princess pose even though I'm dressed like a witch haha~

We also received these goodie boxes.
There were marshmallows, a Hershey's bar, small pack of graham crackers, a marker, and a lighter.

Since we each only get one marker we shared them. We only had two colors so that's what we worked with to decorate our lanterns.

As you can see, I came up with a decorative floral design that was partially inspired by the movie Tangled. Fun fact: Rapunzel is my second favorite Disney princess ^-^.

Here's my bf's attempt with drawing a dragon. I thought it looked pretty good, but he got frustrated and stopped halfway.
The location of this event was actually near an airport so we had a very limited amount of time to set our lanterns off. Lantern time was from 6:00PM - 6:20PM.
All of us tried out best to take some good pictures of the lanterns as they were floating up towards the sky, but we have very limited night photography skills so this was the best we could do. To be honest, no picture could have captured how beautiful this was in person anyway. Seeing these lanterns made me feel so...blissful and happy. It was one of those indescribable feelings, and I loved it! It was definitely a moment we'll never forget.


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