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OOTD/OOTN: Early Bday Dinner

September 24, 2015
Forever21 dress | Charlotte Russe heels | Forever21 necklace

Like I mentioned in my last post, I thought I'll share what I wore in a bit more detail. I'm still trying to catch up with my postings. (My birthday was actually last week - September 18th). I got this dress during early summer, and I was so happy to finally have an occasion to wear it. (You will find that I tend to buy dresses and have a hard time figuring when to wear them quite frequently, but when I finally do, it's always perfect!) 
Anyway, I love the deep neckline, and the straps in the middle makes it a bit more conservative. This is supposed to be a high-low dress that hits at the knees, but since I'm not that tall, it works perfectly as a maxi-dress! Since I was going to a nice dinner, I paired it with some simple strapped heels. I almost forgot to mention how nice the material feels and how well I think it hangs on my body. It also does a fairly good job of hiding my food baby after dinner (hehe). 
WIN-WIN, right?



Early birthday dinner

September 18, 2015
Forever21 Dress | Charlotte Russe Heels | Forever21 Necklace 
(Only clear picture of me that looked decent)

I only ate the inside of the bread because I couldn't chew the hard crust haha (still recovering from wisdom teeth surgery), but bf ate it for me because he likes it.
Calamari fritte and Frozen bellini swirl
Chef's Special (I don't remember the name and it's not on the online menu) with a side of garlic mashed potatoes
Fettuccini alfredo
Creme brulee
Complimentary dessert for my birthday!
I didn't eat the leaves of course, just made this bite look pretty for the shot. 
(*~*~typically blogger aesthetic~*~)

To start off the birthday festivities (my actual birthday is September 18), bf took me to a nice candlelit dinner at Maggiano's. I had fun getting dressed up and looking nice for the occasion. (TBH I always love dressing up for anything haha). This is my first time at this restaurant, even though I passed by it so often. The food was pretty average in my opinion, but the service was incredible! There were actually quite a lot of birthdays when we went - at least four including mine.

Be on the lookout for a full feature of my outfit! (maybe)



Forest Fairy

September 15, 2015
Forever21 dress | Onecklace necklace | Forever21 earrings

This flowy white dress and the wide green field with stone steps definitely sets the mood for these photos doesn't it? Ever since I got this dress, I have been trying to find an occasion to wear it. I love the flowy-ness, and the exposed back is absolutely amazing. I feel so feminine and free-spirited~

Photography by Nicholas Van Thrower


art installation

National Building Museum ft The Beach by Snarkitecture

September 09, 2015
Hello! Hope you guys had a nice Labor Day weekend.
On Labor Day, we went to the National Building Museum in DC to check out this infamous installation that pretty much everyone I know has visited and have taken pictures in. The installation was by Snarkitecture (click link to read more about it).
We had to wait in line for almost two hours to just get into this interactive installation. 
After taking a bunch of pictures in here and trying our best to dodge these rowdy kids from throwing these balls at us (which by the way really hurts and we couldn't believe their parents didn't even say anything), we went to explore the museum some more. A lot of the installations and rooms did not allow photography so we didn't get to take much pics.
Over-looking The Beach.

Overall, it was a great experience - minus those rowdy kids that kept throwing balls at us of course. Thank goodness my DSLR was okay and didn't fall into the ball pit.
Other than that, I just feel really fortunate to be able to visit this installation especially since Labor Day was the last day that it would be up. We didn't even know until we saw this flyer inside the elevator. Lucky us!

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