Klenspop Magic Circle Brown Circle Lens Review

August 28, 2015
Today I will be reviewing another pair of natural brown circle lenses which were kindly sent to me from klenspop. I have worked with klenspop for over a year now so I'm sure you guys should be aware of the various selections they offer (even though I usually opt for more natural lenses ^^). Anyway, let's get onto the review!
DIA:  14.0mm 
Graphic DIA:  13.5mm 
BC:  8.6mm 
Using Period:  6 months 
Water Content:  38% 
Manufacturer:  M.I CONTACT 
Origin:  KOREA
As you can see from the picture above, these are one-toned circle lenses. It has a sunburst design to help blend the circle lenses graphic design to your natural eye color. Most of the time it is undetected that I am wearing these unless there is direct light shining to my eyes or someone is very up-close to my face like a foot away.

This is my all time favorite enlargement since my eyes aren't that big. I definitely recommend beginners to start out with 14.0-14.2 diameters since this size usually do not over power the look too much, but still makes a difference.

COMFORT:  (4.5)
I can wear these lenses for the whole day! However, they do feel a bit dry if I am staring at a computer screen for prolonged periods which is normal for almost all circle lenses and contacts. I have yet to try a pair that does not dry out my eyes for this issue. Eye drops always help so remember to bring them along whenever you are wearing circle lenses or contacts.

Absolutely love these lenses! Great for those that want a natural enlargement to their brown eyes. It gives anyone a more dolly, innocent-looking puppy eyes. In case, you missed how long this pair of circle lenses lasts, it lasts for just six months - opposed to the usual one year.

I hope this review was helpful! 
If you're interested in these circle lenses or any other circle lenses Klenspop have to offer, use [ NU2URMZL ] for 10% off! 



OOTD: Parental Advisory Explicit Content

August 16, 2015

Sheinside top | H&M shorts | Forever21 shoes | Lokai bracelet

Anybody remember this infamous top?? 
I think it was really popular circa 2013-2014, maybe? Haha, it's been in my closet for a while so I thought I'll sport it today.
Mesh tops like this is perfect for the fluctuating weather and for in between seasons. It allows your body to breathe during this sweltering weather, but also covers enough if it gets a little cooler. I decided to just pair it with a nice pair of black shorts and some chunky heels for a little extra edge, but a pair of jeans would look good as well or even opt for an all white outfit :).

PS - I edited my blog template, and I love it! 
Let me know what you think~



Soufeel Charm Bracelet

August 06, 2015
Today I will be sharing something I picked out from SOUFEEL. For those that don't know, SOUFEEL is a jewelry brand that specializes in customized jewelry similar to Pandora. They have a variety of charms and basic bracelets to let you choose and customize to your liking. The charms are made from 925 sterling silver and can fit Pandora and Chamilia bracelets, but at a lower price.

Here are all the things that came with my package:
I chose this bangle in the size 17cm. My wrist measures 13.5cm, and it is recommended to add about 1.5-2cm so the charms can fit comfortably on the wrist. Since 17cm is the smallest, I chose that. It actually fits really well. This is the first time I've had a bracelet not slip off!
I thought I would show you guys how to open up the bracelet to fit the charms in. I think this is pretty neat.

The bracelet also came with these black stoppers. 
I think they're supposed to help the charm from slipping and sliding on the bangle. 
I tried to insert it into the charm, but it didn't work out so I didn't use any.

Anyway, after you picked out the bracelet, you can go crazy with the charms you want to add in it!

This one is a must have since I love taking pictures. 
I also especially love the shiny crystal in the lens.

 Pierced Pentagram Charm
I also thought this charm was very appropriate for me because I love stars. My very first email that I still use today contain the word star. Plus, I love reading about horoscopes and astrological signs.

September Birthstone Dark Blue Swarovski Crystal Charm
This one is a no-brainer since September is my birthday month and my birthstone is sapphire.

Here's how everything looks when put together. 
Isn't it lovely?!

I can't wait to add more charms to it! I'm kind of biting myself over the fact that I saw some charms on my Myrtle Beach trip, and I scanned through them without buying any. It would have been a great addition and memory to add to the bracelet. ASJKLSJDLAASHDJKA. Maybe next time...

Overall, I am happy with the charms and bracelet I have chosen. They're lightweight and pretty good quality. None of the crystals have fallen out yet. I have been wearing it for the past couple of days. I did accidentally scratch the bottom of the camera charm so I'm a little sad about that, but all in all. I love my little bracelet!

If you guys are interested, you can visit SOUFEEL. They currently have some special offers. If you spend $59, $79, or $99, you will receive a pair of earrings, charm, and/or sterling silver bracelet for free respectively! They also offer free worldwide shipping for orders over $50 and a 365 day return or exchange. You can also use my coupon code [ 5Sandy ] for 5% off your entire purchase!

I think these will make great presents for any gal - be it your girlfriend, wife, moms, grandmas, aunts, and anybody else! It may also be a good idea to share the order with a friend to take advantage of the promotions SOUFEEL is currently having.

Happy shopping!

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